Celebrating Success 2021: Enrico Obeng

IT Student of the Year  
Enrico Obeng  

Enrico, from Westcliff, studied Level 3 IT at the college’s Basildon Town Centre campus. 

He was nominated for the award for his ‘excitement for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond.’

His work has always been of utmost quality and he excelled in all aspects of his work, which is even more impressive considering English is not his first language.

He started his course with qualifications from Italy, including English and maths and has embraced learning in another country.
His tutors praised him for his own efforts but for also supporting others.

They said: “He worked well with everyone and really tried to include and help struggling students participate and understand the concepts being covered in sessions.”

Enrico said he felt ‘blessed, happy and excited’ after winning the award.

He added: “I worked very hard and receiving this award shows that other people acknowledge my work and they think I deserve an award for it is incredible.

“The great thing about this course is there are a lot of very different modules so you will surely find something you like, something you enjoy learning. The diversity of the units allows students to find their strong point and work on it.”

Enrico was also quick to thank his tutors.

He said: “They have always been there to help me through any difficulties or challenges. I came from Italy last year; I didn’t know the language very well and mostly I didn’t know how the college worked. I need to thank them. They not only helped me with my studies, but also helped me understand how the system works and how to be part of the English college environment.”

Enrico now plans to continue studying IT at university with his goal of starting his own business of IT service delivery, management and support.