The College aims to provide a supportive environment and equality of opportunity for students facing difficulties and those who may have experienced problems or concerns.

If you are a Young Carer, known to Social Care, living independently, require counselling or need general pastoral support, the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team and wider Student Services team have staff members who can work closely with you.


Campus Location
Basildon Town Centre Team Room, Second Floor
Luckyn Lane, Basildon 1st floor staff room
Southend campus Next to main Reception on the Ground Floor
Stephenson Road Building 28, near Reception and the Team Room
Thurrock campus Next to the Library on the 1st Floor

Contact us

 You can visit us at each campus, call us on 0345 5212345, email us at or get in touch via Moodle.

Pastoral support explained

There may be a time when you need ongoing help, such as emotional support, help with anger or self-esteem issues or exam-stress whilst you are studying. Please contact us for advice and support.

Feeling safe at College

The Wellbeing & Safeguarding team are here to make sure you feel safe at College. If you have any concerns please contact us. Alternately, you can speak to your tutor or any other staff member, who can then report your concerns for you.

Safety at home

If you are feeling unsafe at home please speak to a member of the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team who will speak with you about your concerns. The team will then work with you to look at what options are available to ensure that you are safe. Depending on the situation and what you feel comfortable with, this may involve calling parents/guardians, police, social care, or anyone else that may be able to help. This is a process that will always involve you (our student) to make sure your wishes are heard and respected where possible.

The safety of our students is the most important thing to us as a College, so please let us know if there is anything that causes you to feel unsafe so we can make sure the issue gets resolved.


You don't have to be referred, although some students will be referred by a tutor or friend, you can make the decision to visit the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team for support yourself.

Help with bullying issues

Speak to your tutor/lecturer, student manager or progress coach. They will offer help & support and deal with any bullying issues you may be experiencing.

Support for friends/classmates

If you have concerns about the wellbeing or safety of a friend or classmate please contact us.


There are qualified counsellors within the Student Services team. You can have up to seven sessions with them to talk through issues you may be facing.

Support if you live on your own

You can contact the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team for help or support if you live alone, for example in supported or shared accommodation, if you are a care leaver, looked-after-student or are living independently for any reason.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty in getting to College our Funding team may also be able to support you. The Wellbeing & Safeguarding team and the Funding team will work together to ensure you have what you need to be ready to learn. We can also speak with any other professionals you are in contact with to ensure everyone is supporting you through your education.


If you become homeless and are under 18 it is very important that you notify the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team immediately. We can offer help and support and refer you to the appropriate agencies. We can also offer housing advice to over 18s.

Support for young carers

The Wellbeing & Safeguarding team can support you if you consider yourself to be a young carer. You may need additional support and understanding from your teachers with regards to your deadlines, attendance, and any other academic concerns.

The team are happy to communicate with your tutors to ensure you are supported. We can also help point you in the direction of young carer’s groups in your local area for specific support.

Help if you are in social care

If you are involved with social care for any reason (for example being in foster care, on a child protection plan, a child in need, etc.), please let the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team know so that they can ensure that you have extra support in College to get through your course and anything else that may impact on your education, such as finances, emotional/mental health, family or home life, etc.

We can keep in contact with any professionals that you work with, such as your social worker, to ensure that everyone is supporting you together. If you are in care you can also speak with the Funding team who will ensure that you have the finances to get to College and have access to any equipment, uniform, or resources that you will need for your course.

Youth Offenders

If you are known to the Youth Offending Services it is important that you disclose this to the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team and inform us of your support worker’s details. Failure to disclose this information will impact your placement at College. We will liaise with your support worker to ensure that you are fully supported.

Substance misuse

Please visit the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team if you would like any help or advice about concerns you have with drugs, alcohol, or any other substance such as legal highs. The team will be able to support you with looking for services that deal specifically with these issues and the team can help make any referrals with you.

Mental health issues

If you are concerned about your emotional or mental health please contact the Wellbeing & Safeguarding team for help and support. The team offer a friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental approach to supporting anyone who needs help or advice about their mental health. We can offer support by helping you speak to your tutors, letting your parents know how you feel, and by making any referrals to mental health teams outside the College.

Mental Health Support Team

The college host the Education Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs), to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of students up to 18 years of age.

EMHPs are part of Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs), a new government initiative that promotes good emotional wellbeing and mental health by helping children/young people and their families through prevention, early intervention and education.

View Mental Health Support Team webpage

Tutor referrals

The Wellbeing & Safeguarding team are here to make sure everyone feels safe. Sometimes your tutor will need to refer you to us if they believe you or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm. If you would like, your tutor can stay with you during these conversations. The Wellbeing & Safeguarding team are very supportive and will always keep you involved in any decisions or referrals that need to be made.

The Wellbeing & Safeguarding team offers 100% confidentiality, but we would need to say or do something if:

  • You ask us to
  • We believe your life or someone else’s life is in danger
  • You tell us that you're seriously harming another young person
  • You're being hurt by someone in a position of trust