Strategic Plan & Values

South Essex College is the largest provider of technical and vocational education and training for 16-18 year olds, adults and apprenticeship provision within Essex.

We want all of our students to achieve above and beyond their expectations and experience motivational learning which will shape and change their lives, making us the first choice organisation in the region. We believe our programmes will contribute significantly to personal development and provide our students with relevant employability skills, alongside gaining relevant professional and technical skills. We believe this will enhance their opportunities and contribute significantly to the regional economy.

Our vision

We are the heart of community transformation.

Our mission

Working together, we will provide knowledge, education, and skills development for all.

Culture and core values

We summarise our culture and core values with the following statements:

  • We are a community of professionals, inspiring our learners to be extraordinary in all they do.
  • We are accepting and encouraging of all who come through our doors.
  • Stimulated by modernity, we are diverse in thought, identity and aspiration.
  • We are powerful and ambitious as individuals and powerful together. We encourage performance to the peak of ability.
  • To build resilience, we provide a tough love environment supporting each other and our learners to thrive in all situations.

Strategic goals

We will achieve our vision through 5 strategic goals:

Strategic goal 1

Provide teaching and learning that expands learners’ horizons and enables them to achieve the qualifications they need to give them life-time choices.

Strategic goal 2

Attract and retain the best and diverse people and become an employer of choice.

Strategic goal 3

Become financially, technologically and environmentally sustainable.

Strategic goal 4

Build our brand equity to increase our markets, influence, and add social value across Essex and East of London.

Strategic goal 5

Collaborate across education, community, and employers to find innovative solutions to achieve our shared goals.