Additional Learning Support

SEND Inclusion Statement

Further details on how we can help you can be found in our SEND Inclusion Statement.

SEND Inclusion Statement


We welcome students who have a disability and/or learning difficulty. We appreciate and value the contribution that individuals with learning difficulties and/or disabilities bring to the college.

The college is committed to making students with additional support needs feel valued, respected and supported.

We aim to create an inclusive environment where all students are treated on the basis of their merits, ability and potential.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality support to learners with a wide range of additional learning support needs to help individuals to participate fully in college life.

If you have a special educational need or disability, we would encourage you to discuss this with us as early as possible. We have a team at each of our main campuses to help you where you can speak with staff to discuss your needs.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a large team of dedicated staff based at each of the college campuses. We are experienced in supporting learners with a wide range of needs.

Our support team

If you have a disability or learning difficulty our team are here to help you find the appropriate support at college.

We can also provide physical support or support for a hearing or visual impairment.

Meet the team
Our welcome pack

We offer various types of support including assistive technology loans, workshops, clubs, support in the classroom and online/remote support.

View our welcome pack to learn more.

View welcome pack
Contact us

We want you to feel safe and supported at college and enjoy being included in every aspect of student life with us.

Contact us for more information and a member of our team will help you.

How to contact us

Discuss your support needs

We understand that joining college can be an anxious time and it is really important that we understand how we can support you so that coming to college can be made as comfortable for you as possible. If you haven’t already told us about your support needs at application or enrolment we would encourage you to share this information with us so that we can discuss your needs early on.

Complete our questionnaire

ALS support questionnaire

You will have been sent a message following your application to fill out an ALS support questionnaire. You can fill this out by logging into your application.

We will treat the information you give us with care and with your consent. We will share this information with your tutors and support staff so they know how to support you in and out of the classroom.

Exam access arrangements

If you received access arrangements in your exams or assessments at school or your most recent educational placement e.g. use of a reader, scribe, prompt, separate accommodation or additional time, it is very important that you tell us this.

How to send your evidence

There are two options for sending evidence; by email or by post.

Option 1   Send your evidence by email

Email your evidence to us at:

Alternatively you can email your evidence directly to Lorraine Brophy or Jenny Hixon at:

Option 2   Send your evidence by post

Post your evidence, marked for the attention of Lorraine Brophy or Jenny Hixon in the ALS team, to:

South Essex College
Luker Road
United Kingdom

If we have not already received evidence of your request, this will delay us in being able to undertake the necessary assessments for you to receive access arrangements at college. We have to work to tight exam board deadlines, so it is critical that you contact your tutor if you have not already done so.

Meet the team

Karen Fox ALS staff
Karen Fox

Head of ALS

Lorraine Brophy ALS staff
Lorraine Brophy

Learning Mentor Manager

Tina Booth ALS staff
Tina Booth

Learning Mentor Manager

Gill Collins ALS staff
Gill Collins

Learning Mentor Manager

Sarah Fincham ALS staff
Sarah Fincham

Learning Mentor Manager

Sarah Markey ALS staff
Sarah Markey

Learning Mentor Manager

Cheyne Conway ALS staff
Cheyne Conway

Learning Mentor (Southend)

Anne-Marie Hayter ALS staff
Anne-Marie Hayter

Learning Mentor (Southend)

Chris Thomson ALS staff
Chris Thomson

Learning Mentor (Southend)

Jenny Hixon ALS staff
Jenny Hixon

Learning Mentor (Southend)

Sarah Jee ALS staff
Sarah Jee

Learning Mentor (Southend)

Gabriella Garroway ALS staff
Gabriella Garroway

Learning Mentor (Cross Campus – Sensory Team)

Samantha Tucker ALS staff
Samantha Tucker

Learning Mentor (Thurrock)

Shan Mok ALS staff
Shan Mok

Learning Mentor (Thurrock)

Ann Graham-Older ALS staff
Ann Graham-Older

Learning Mentor (Stephenson Rd & Luckyn Lane)

Jo Thomas ALS staff
Jo Thomas

Learning Mentor (New Basildon Campus)

Georgia Curwood ALS staff
Georgia Curwood

Administrator (Education, Health and Care Plans)

Ferwin D’Costa ALS staff
Ferwin D’Costa


How to contact us

You can email the following ALS Mailbox and we will respond to your query as soon as possible:

Learning Mentors are responsible for arranging support in the following curriculum areas. Learning Mentors can be contacted by phone on the numbers detailed below, by college email, or Microsoft Teams.

Southend Campus

Anne-Marie Hayter or call 01702 220600
Learning & Progression/Entry Level/Service Industries Travel & Tourism

Chris Thomson or call 01702 220685
DTMPA/Service Industries Sports and Public Services

Sarah Jee or call 01702 220499
Health & Science/Adult English & Maths/Adult FE Counselling/Service Industries Hair & Beauty

Jenny Hixon or call 01702 220599
Exam Access Arrangements (Southend)/HE

Cheyne Conway or call 01702 220591
Art & Design/Business/A Levels/Engineering L2 & 3

Jo Thomas or call 01702 220695

Thurrock Campus

Samantha Tucker or call 01375 362633
Engineering & Construction, Art & Design, Business, DTMPA, Adult English & Maths, Service Industries

Shan Mok or call 01702 220445
Exam Access Arrangements (cross college)/Apprentices/HE (Thurrock)

Stephenson Road Campus

Ann Graham-Older or call 01702 220505
All curriculum departments at that campus

Luckyn Lane Campus

Ann Graham-Older or call 01702 220505
All curriculum departments at that campus

New Basildon Campus

Jo Thomas or call 01702 220695
DTMPA, Learning and Progression

Sensory Team Learning Mentor

Gabriella Garroway or call 01375 362787
Covering ALS support for Thurrock Campus areas of: Health & Science, Learning & Progression

 The Learning Mentor Manager Team can also be contacted via email at the following address:

Each LMM has an area of responsibility for Additional Learning Support and can be contacted as follows for further advice and guidance related to their areas of specialism:

Sarah Fincham or call 07720 968128
Sensory Team

Tina Booth or call 01375 362640
High Needs Students and Complex Health/Physical Needs

Sarah Markey or call 01375 362642
Education, Health and Care Plans

Lorraine Brophy or call 01702 220475
Access Arrangements, Higher Education, Apprentices

Gill Collins or call 01375 362769
Social & Emotional Needs, Mental Health

Karen Fox or call 01375 362601

Ferwin D’Costa
Ferwin.D' or call 01375 362612

Georgia Curwood or call 01375 362607

Welcome pack

Our welcome pack is a collection of files containing useful information and resources. You can download the files from the welcome pack below.