Student Login Assistance


Before using our services please ensure you have read and understood the  Computing Services Terms of Use.

Having trouble accessing the College IT systems? Check our status page for any known issues or scheduled maintenance. If you experience an issue, please contact our IT Helpline by calling 01702 221832 or send an email.

 Remote Work Guidance

Important: Please read the  Remote Work Guidance document for information on remote work to College IT Services.

Microsoft Teams

Access Microsoft Teams via the app or in a web browser using your college student email and password.

Download the Microsoft Teams App:

Download App

Access Microsoft Teams in your web browser:

Access in browser


Login with student email address and standard network password e.g.


Currently Moodle does not have the ability for students to change their password during logon. Many of our services already allow this but we are working to add more, including Moodle which we hope to achieve soon.

Students should visit where they can change their password and then access all our services following a password change. The My Work Account portal is a central hub for staff and students to manage their account such as reviewing sign in activity and permissions. We hope to enable more features soon such as password reset self-service by registering some security information to help staff and students get back into their account themselves.

As a reminder, when setting or changing passwords they must meet the following requirements:

  • Contain 10 characters or more.
  • Do not contain personal information such as your name/username.
  • Do not contain the organisation name such as “southessex”.

In addition to the above, students should avoid poor password examples that contain the following characteristics:

  • Contain personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or names of family members, pets, friends, and fictional characters.
  • Contain word/number patterns such as aaabbb, qwerty, zyxwvuts, or 123321.
  • Are some version of single words such as “Welcome123”, “Password123”, “Changeme123”.
  • Are common phrases such as “iloveyou”

Poor passwords will be automatically rejected if they are known to be insecure and the student will need to try again. The most common rejection we see is due to including their name in the password.

Canvas (HE students only)

Login to Canvas (for Higher Education students only).


Student E-mail

If you are logged in on a College computer you will be taken straight to your inbox. If you are accessing the site from any system outside the College you will be prompted to login.

If prompted please use your College email address and password to sign in. Your student email address is in the following format:


Print Credits

To help students South Essex College provides students with an initial starting credit at the beginning of each term. Additional credit can be purchased in person with LRC staff from the LRC at each site.


The new Papercut print solution provides two services called Mobileprint and Webprint. Please read through the instructions here for more information.

Please note

IT only support devices running the following operating system versions:

  • Windows 10 22H2
  • Windows 11 22H2 and above
  • macOS Monterey (12) and above
  • iOS 16 and above
  • Android 12 and above

This includes remote access, webmail, and wireless access support.

Devices must be supported by the manufacturer and receiving security updates. To maintain the security of your device you must ensure that you are applying all available security updates and run up-to-date anti-malware protection.