Staff Login Assistance


Before using our services please ensure you have read and understood the  Computing Services Terms of Use.

Having trouble accessing the College IT systems? Check our status page for any known issues or scheduled maintenance. If you experience an issue, please contact our IT Helpline by calling 01702 221832 or send an email.

 Remote Work Guidance

Important: Please read the  Remote Work Guidance document for information on remote work to College IT Services.


Remote Work Guidance

Remote Work Guidance

Remote Resources

Instructions for using Remote Resources


Instructions for Mobileprint and Webprint

The new Papercut print solution provides two services called Mobileprint and Webprint. Please read through the instructions for more information. These instructions can also be found on Dave if you search for Mobileprint or Webprint.

Login to work emails

Web e-mail

Web-based access to your work emails and calendar.

When using a personal machine or device, you will be asked for your details twice. When asked please use your email address as your username, and your normal domain password. Thank You.


Login to Remote Resources

Remote Resources

Upload and download files to both your personal folders and team drives.

Please read the Instructions for using Remote Resources for guidance.


Login to Dave

Dave (Intranet)

Staff social platform to engage with College activities and information.


Login to Active Dashboards

Active Dashboards

Interactive College reporting dashboard.


Login to Moodle


Staff access to the Moodle VLE platform.


Login to Canvas


Access to the Canvas platform (Higher Education staff only).


Login to Staff Advantage

Staff Advantage

Access to Staff Advantage MIS is provided through Remote Resources.

Login to ProMonitor


Access to ProMonitor for tracking learner progress.


Please note

IT only support devices running the following operating system versions:

  • Windows 10 22H2
  • Windows 11 22H2 and above
  • macOS Monterey (12) and above
  • iOS 16 and above
  • Android 12 and above

This includes remote access, webmail, and wireless access support.

Devices must be supported by the manufacturer and receiving security updates. To maintain the security of your device you must ensure that you are applying all available security updates and run up-to-date anti-malware protection.