Level 3

Interactive Digital Media Level 3 Extended Diploma

Duration Age Group Study Start Available Locations
Southend Campus
Duration Age Group Study Start Available Locations
Southend Campus


The world is moving fast. Technology and social media has dominated our engagement with the internet for around 10 years. It is more than just cat photos and fail videos.

This Level 3 course takes all of your current knowledge of social media use and rolls you into a marketing content creator allowing you to flip from consumer to producer. You’ll be learning about and creating content for a whole host of platforms including Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and learning about how these platforms are used by companies to engage with their audiences. You’ll learn about virality, trends, capitalising on audiences and the modern tradable commodity; attention.

Having the opportunity to work on live briefs and working with companies in a variety of industries, you will gain expert knowledge across a range of skills that is transferrable to a number of new roles that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Many roles you will adopt in your lives will now require you to put on many different skills hats and this course teaches you the required resilience, diversity and creative ability to thrive.

Entry Requirements

  • Working knowledge of all social media platforms
  • Working knowledge of Adobe software
  • Level 2 qualification or GCSEs x 4 at grade 4/C -  two to be grade 4/C in ENGLISH AND MATHS
  • You will be asked to provide evidence of your ability in the subject which could be in the form of a portfolio
  • Successful attendance at interview

Course Structure

  • Adobe software
  • Content creation
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Design (inc. digital)
  • Audience data and trends
  • Social Media and non-traditional platforms
  • E-commerce
  • Search engine optimisation SEO
  • Search engine marketing SEM
  • Paid advertising
  • Customer profiling
  • Digital and online PR

Assessment & Feedback

This programme is delivered full time, three days per week.

  • Portfolio based submissions
  • Research, experimentation and development.
  • Course work throughout each project in various formats - written text, images, video's, vlogs and digital files.
  • Practical assessment.
  • Creative Exploration.
  • Critical Analysis and Reflection.
  • Individualised learner journeys.
  • The second year will be split into three projects combining practical and theoretical understanding while demonstrating the skills developed throughout the year previous.

Course Cost

School Leavers, full_time:

FREE to UK under 19s not in employment.


Aged 18 as of 31st August 2022 and applying for Level 3 Extended Diploma?

Your application and enrolment will be for the one year Level 3 Diploma. If you wish to complete the full Extended Diploma you will need to apply for an (Advanced Learner Loan) to cover the tuition fees after successfully completing the Diploma.

For more information please contact our admissions team

email: admissions@southessex.ac.uk

What Next...

Students could progress onto the following courses; 

Additional further education diplomas

Degree courses within higher education

Level 4 professional diploma

An apprenticeship

Full-time employment

The self-employed sector.

This qualification has been developed in collaboration with subject practitioners and further education colleges to ensure that it provides learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to prepare learners for employment and/or support a role in the workplace.

Potential job roles following this course could be:

  • Content creators
  • Influencers
  • Social media managers
  • Vloggers
  • You tubers
  • Digital media marketing
  • Social content
  • Content-first agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Video production
  • Radio production
  • Graphic design
  • Assistant producers

Success Stories...

Chloe Wade

My confidence has boosted massively and my work is recognised here. Last year I won who wants to be an entrepreneur and student of the year in business and logistics

South Essex College Group student, Chloe Wade, has been accepted as an Apprentice Marketing Executive for the BBC in White City.

Chloe is currently studying Level 3 Interactive Digital Media. She previously studied business at the college before swapping over to the Digital Media course. Other colleges didn’t supply the course she was looking for, and she felt that South Essex College Group provided the perfect environment and location to suit her needs.

Chloe applied for the apprentice position on Boxing day in December 2022 after finding the advert on Indeed. The interview process took six months and there were six different stages of the interview. Originally, there was supposed to be only five stages, however towards the end on the interview process it was whittled down to Chloe and another candidate so the BBC added an extra interview on top. The role is for a Marketing Executive Level 4 for 18 months, as well as being full-time with one day-a-week apprentice study through the online external provider.

When asked about the support from tutors, Chloe said: “They were all so encouraging, as each stage went on I informed my tutors. Darren who teachers audience theory, was so interested and excited, he was helping me prepare for everything and teaching me certain areas such as core values to put me ahead of everyone. They were so supportive, and I don’t think I would of got this far without their help.”

Chloe enjoys the flexibility at the college and secured work experience at which she created content for a zen and holistic company. She said: “The college offers such a variety of courses and freedom. 

“The courses are structured, but you get freedom as well, for example for my final project I chose to rebrand a cosmetic palette, where as another student created a music video. You all have the same criteria but freedom too. If you are worried, try it and give it a shot, the opportunities here are so wide.” 

She added: “My confidence has boosted massively and my work is recognised here. Last year I won who wants to be an entrepreneur and student of the year in business and logistics. My work recognised given me a boost. I work really hard and I’m so proud of how far I have come. The college appreciates you as an individual and gives you praise when you do work really hard.”
Chloe hopes to have her own business one day, in marketing, doing social media and content creating. As well as hoping to study Level 5 and 6 at the BBC.