Students soar to success

Soaring to Success and the Air League worked together to arrange a virtual work experience for South Essex College Aviation & Cabin Crew students, with the chance for students to win a gliding trip. 

Air League is a leading aviation charity with a vision to change lives through aviation by inspiring young people.

As part of the programme the students had to complete a series of workbooks and workshops , once completed they entered a competition to go gliding.

A number of students were successful with 14 being offered a trip to Cambridge Gliding Centre.

On the day, the group was given a safety and parachute briefing, before, one by one, they were aerotowed up to around 1,500 feet before being released to experience gliding first hand.

The day ended with a talk from the pilots and staff on the scholarships and work opportunities available, plus a group activity which allowed students to come together and show their teamworking, delegation and marketing skills, that they have learnt at college.

Curriculum manager Cheryl Plume said it was a fantastic day.

She said: “As air travel enthusiasts, the chance to soar above the clouds was an opportunity not to be missed!
“It was a fantastic day, the students were impeccably behaved and were complemented on their passion for flying and their conduct.”

Tutor Karen Doran also took part in the visit and even had the opportunity to take to the skies in a glider.

She said: “The weather was perfect, and every student landed with a huge smile on their face and were buzzing!”

“This was the most amazing experience and myself and the students feel privileged to have been able to go”.

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