Police Students Patrol the Town

South Essex College students join Town Centre team on patrol

Students from South Essex College’s Diploma in Policing, joined forces with the Southend Town Centre Team (TCT) on patrol for the day to get a first-hand insight into life as a police officer. The 22 students were briefed by the Sergeant James Mint, at the college and were then split into two teams to head off on foot patrol with officers. They also ran a deployment of the OpenGate weapons detection system.

The officers and students patrolled along the High Street in Warrior Square and along the alleyway off Short Street. The OpenGate, was set up by Southend Central train station, beside the Odeon at the top of the High Street and by the college off Queens Road.

Sergeant Mint said: “I wanted to include the students in the planning of the operation and decide where we were going to patrol. I explained the national decision-making model that we use for our briefings, and this was great for their understanding of policing.”

Policing course leader Lee McCarthy added: “It was great for the students to be out in the elements, dealing with the public, and working with experienced police officers."

Student Oliver Holiday is planning to join the police force after he graduates and told how the operation had been a valuable experience for him.  Oliver explained: “I learnt that having high visibility in the city centre helps makes people feel safer and helps reduce crime as people are less likely to commit crime if there’s a police presence. 

Essex Police have reconfirmed to course leader Lee, that they are keen to involve the participation of students and involvement in the South Essex College Policing Course. 

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