Creative media courses secure live brief with international brand

Students studying on the BA (Hons) Creative Media & Promotion course at University Centre South Essex and Level 3 Creative Media students at South Essex College were involved in a live brief with Hi-Tec to create cutting edge designs for their international brand. 

The students were tasked with designing a brand new walking boot, shoe or trainer featuring unique and innovative features that would attract the new consumer. 

With the increase in UK holidays and general outdoor activities over the past 18 months, Hi-Tec has experienced an enormous increase in popularity from consumers of all ages.

Hi-Tec has been offering uniquely designed products in sports and outdoor wear since 1974 and was founded by Frank Van Wezel in Shoeburyness, Essex.

The live brief was set up by Jenny Carrington from BA (Hons) Creative Media & Promotion at University Centre South Essex to encourage progression from a further education course to a degree course. 

Five student briefs were selected and sent to Head of Marketing for Europe, Helen Durant, for evaluation, with one winner to be announced at the tour of the facility on Tuesday 10 May.

The tour allowed students from Level 3 Creative Media and University Centre South Essex Creative Media & Promotion students, to explore behind the scenes and learn about the full operational and creative process at Hi-Tec.

At the end of the tour, Luca Doney and Matt Clayton, were crowned as the winners for their consumer research and their approach to sustainability.

Matt Clayton on the left, Helen Durant in the middle, Luca Doney on the right

Luca Doney said: “I am delighted to be selected as one of the winners. Being able to have a tour of their facilities and see the day to day operation of Hi-Tec has been really inspiring and it’s been a fantastic experience.”

Matt Clayton commented: “I’m proud to be selected as one of the winners. It was great to hear that Helen liked my level of story telling detail and to work with a well-known established brand is valuable experience.”
Helen Durant, Head of Marketing for Europe, said: “When University Centre South Essex approached us about the live brief it was a no brainer and we were delighted to work with the students. As the next generation of students who want to enter the creative world, we wanted to hear their perspectives and see them immerse themselves into the full marketing mix and we were blown away by their excellent results.”  

“We are proud to have worked with University Centre South Essex and South Essex College on this brief and we hope this experience will benefit all the students when they enter the working world and start their journey in the creative industries.”

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