Partnership in action

Partnership in action

Representatives from South Essex College visited Huzhou Technical and Vocational College in China to provide academic and verification support.

As part of an ongoing move to raise the international profile of South Essex College, two members of staff visited Huzhou College in the South Yangzi river delta region of China to provide local staff with academic and technical support, including how to conduct internal verification.

Alan Stevenson, from the College’s International team and Hardeep Singh, Quality and Assessment Manager Engineering and Construction, spent time with the Chinese tutors at Huzhou College.

The Huzhou College campus has 19,000 students enrolled, 9,000 on full-time education and a further 10,000 on distance learning programmes. The campus covers nearly 100 acres and is built in the traditional manner for that part of the country.

The partnership between South Essex College and Huzhou College was established to provide students with higher education programmes in construction and engineering.

Alan said: “Having worked with a number of overseas partners established through our International Business Development department, it is clear that there is a great deal of mutual benefit to be gained from such education-sharing ventures.

“In addition to enhancing the College’s reputation, we also learn from alternative approaches to delivery and student engagement in our partner institutions plus meeting with and talking to the overseas tutors and students is great fun!"

South Essex College will continue to explore opportunities to establish partnerships with educational institutions in China and other countries around the world. This will provide opportunities for other members of South Essex College staff to be involved in supporting these programmes.