Students Here to Serve!

Public Services students aid a pedestrian on Southend high-street.

Three Public Service students from South Essex College used their skills to come to the aid of an elderly lady in distress in Southend. 

Harrison Crump, Lewis Gunner and Samuel Jones are studying Level 3 Public Services and a member of the public who worked for the ambulance service contacted their tutor to inform him of their act of kindness. 

The boys noticed the lady slumped against a bench. Ambulance worker, Samantha Clark said: “When I came across them they were already on the phone to call an ambulance. I stopped as I work in the ambulance service so thought I could help. Whilst I did some basic checks on the lady, the boys were calm, respectful and helpful. Sadly, the ambulance would have taken several hours, and the lady felt well enough to get a taxi home to arrange a GP appt for herself. Another kind lady offered to go with her. 

“The boys then tried to locate a taxi from the nearby rank, but when they saw none available they then called a taxi for her. And insisted on waiting with us to assist her to the taxi.” 

Lewis explained: “The lady was completely unresponsive and her eyes were still open. We managed to get some blankets and make her comfortable and dialled 999.”

Harrison added: “A lady from the ambulance service came over and did some checks. 

Samuel continued: “Two of us went to the taxi rank as it was made clear that an ambulance would take several hours, there were none available so we called a cab and waited with her, and then carried her into the taxi safely.”

Tutor Steve Cook said: “They are a credit to the college, themselves and young people in general.” 

Samantha said: “My personal opinion is that they have the main attributes for working within Public Services, which I was not surprised to hear when they said it was what they were studying. They were kind, helpful, respectful and able to talk to people. I feel they are a credit to your class, and deserve for people to know what they did today.”