Good for ME Good for FE community champion: Mariana Grocutt

As part of the Good For ME Good For FE national campaign, South Essex College will be celebrating a ‘community champion’ each month to demonstrate how staff go above and beyond to help their local communities.

Mariana Grocutt, Student Learning Coach, has volunteered at Kent Elms Library in Southend as a Library Assistant since 2018. 
Mariana said: “In the beginning I started volunteering for a very obvious reason - to improve my job prospects. Now I enjoy being there on Saturdays to assist library members of all ages. 

“I  have found friends at the library and a kind, local community. I consider myself lucky to volunteer in such a friendly and warm atmosphere. 
She added: “As a volunteer I get more than I give. Volunteering is not only about giving your time, it’s about connecting with others and being among like-minded people.”