Film Students Spread Christmas Cheer at Colchester Zoo

Film and Television students participate in the production of the Colchester Zoo Christmas Advert.

Students from Level 3 Film and TV Production, Rocco Kent and Charlie Paris took part in the making of the new Christmas advert for Colchester Zoo. Rocco explained their involvement: “I wanted to see if there were any volunteering opportunities, so our tutor Cathy Mayo got me in contact with Simon J. Firth who was directing the advert. I called him and he offered us the opportunity to come along and act as runners.” 

Talking about their roles and responsibilities on set, Charlie said: “On the first day we were helping with setting up and we were taught about how the different pieces of equipment are used. I was taught a lot about lighting which is something that I never understood before.”

The advert has since been released to the public, their reaction to seeing the final product was highly enthusiastic. Charlie said: “I was quite surprised with the sound because I was helping within that area and it was nothing like I thought it would be. It was fantastic.” Rocco said of their experience on set: “It showed how much easier productions can be when it is organized. This has inspired me to work to the same level of professionalism."

The advert can be viewed via the following link