Break the Cycle educates Southend students on dating abuse

Break the Cycle delivered a workshop to educate South Essex College students on building healthy relationships and dating abuse.

Based at the Southend campus on 4 February, a series of workshops throughout the day helped inform students on a wide variety of issues surrounding domestic violence, consent, abuse, self-esteem, confidence and unhealthy relationships. 

The students were presented with video clips and exercises surrounding abuse to help inform them on what to look out for in abusive relationships and the impact this has on the individual.

Break the Cycle provides interactive, educational workshops to schools and colleges in Southend, to educate and support the young generation in building healthy relationships and to recognise warning signs of dating abuse.

Emily Reader from Break the Cycle, said: “We were delighted to attend the college to deliver our workshops on the warning signs of unhealthy relationships. The students engaged really well in discussions around boundaries, consent and controlling behaviours, leaving with greater knowledge and clarity.

“Break the Cycle would like to remind everyone that if they are worried about or effected by any of the topics we cover, they can speak to college staff and also access our service confidentially.”

Rebecca Tobit, Enrichment Associate, said:  “We would definitely recommend this workshop to other schools and colleges to educate their students on building healthy relationships.”

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