Students in beach clean to improve environment

South Essex College students carried out a beach clean in Southend to help improve the environment and encourage people to clean up after themselves.

The Level 1 Animal Care students took to the stretch of beach between Adventure Island and the Sealife Centre to pick up discarded litter that could prove harmful to sea and coastal life.

They were inspired to spend time on the beach to rid the area of pollution after learning about marine life and the issues of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

The group collected four large rubbish bags full of discarded waste which included bottles, food wrappers, fishing gear and a range of microplastics.

Many sea creatures often mistake these non-biodegradable items for prey animals which leads to choking and blocking of the airways and stomach which can be fatal.

Tutor Laurence Sykes said he was extremely proud of the students.

He said: “All of the students were very enthusiastic and wanted to help make a difference and they were shocked at how much discarded rubbish they found.”

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