Trip puts students in the fast lane

Motor vehicle students at South Essex College visited Brooklands Museum to develop their knowledge of innovative engineering over the years.

The Level 1 students, who study at the college’s Stephenson Road Campus, visited the world’s first purpose built motor racing circuit to see the cars that have raced there through the ages as well as other showpiece cars. 

They also had the opportunity to explore parts of the race track, in particular the infamous banked curve which was built in 1907, to follow in the tyre tracks of the motorsport greats, such as John Cobb, Malcolm Campbell, Kay Petre, Noel Pope and the Bentley Boys.

The museum also houses aviation collections, London Bus Museum and The Barnes Wallis designed Stratosphere Chamber. 

The Concorde tour was another highlight where the students were talked through the technicalities under the wings as well as seeing the extravagance of the interior.

Tutor Chris Otefisan said the visit was a valuable tool for the students.

He said: “Visits like this really help students see how the skills they have learnt in the workshop are used in the wider world. Many students are inspired by what they see and think about where they want their skills and qualifications to take them.

“This was a fantastic reward for the students that even after a tough year of disruptions to their learning they still showed the same level of commitment to all areas of their course.”