Self Defence in Practise

South Essex College Policing students take part in conflict management and self-defence tactics exercise.

A group of Policing students at South Essex College had the opportunity to learn and practice self defence techniques and conflict management with two special guests from the Essex Police operational support group. They were able to gain knowledge and have practical training including the use of handcuffs. Taking part in these exercises gives the students a real insight into the life of policing.

Lee McCarthy, policing course team leader said: “There has not been an opportunity for students in Essex to focus on Policing as a career. While Public Services Courses are very similar for other agencies such as armed forces, paramedics, fire fighters, prisons and border forces, our Policing Course focuses purely on policing. At the commencement of this course September 2022 there were no other police courses available. The Policing Course has developed increasingly close ties with the Essex Police who are also involved in the course”. 

There will be greater collaboration with the Essex Police as the course develops and any student can be assured that they are being taught policing by qualified serving and retired police. After two years of an extended diploma, graduating students will be assisted in their application to the Essex Police subject to meeting entry requirements. The Police Diploma is a gateway to the policing degree that the students can complete while serving as a sworn police officer earning a wage, making a career and the police will meet the costs of the University Policing Degree. Starting at South Essex College is the beginning of a five-year year plan to a free university education.


When asked if Lee had any advice for aspiring policemen/women he said: “If young people are considering a career in the police they must be prepared to accept a level of discipline, morals, ethics and standards greater than any other career they thought about. From the start of the course students will be subjected to higher standards of all these things along with the constant guidance with assessment to ensure they are meeting expectations.”

Potential students can attend our taster and open days and be assessed for their suitability for the course. A minimum GCSE scores of 4 for maths and English must be obtained and a willingness to accept stricter guidance to be considered.


For more information about the policing course please visit: Policing Level 3 Diploma | South Essex College