More college staff trained to deliver mental health first aid

Fourteen members of staff at South Essex College have qualified as mental health first aiders.

The group completed a two day course, run by Mental Health First Aid England, which looked at a range of mental health issues and challenged stereotypes.

This latest programme builds on previous sessions which means even more staff are now trained to deliver support in this important area.

Staff developed their understanding of mental health issues as well as their skills and confidence in dealing with a mental health ‘crisis’ situation. They are now sharing their knowledge with colleagues and breaking down barriers associated with mental health.

The staff represent different areas of the college, both academic, support and management meaning students and staff now have even better access to mental health support at the college.

The training was well received with one participant saying it was a ‘brilliant course’ and ‘all staff should be encouraged to do it.’ Another said: ‘I’m really glad I’ve done this course and wish I had done it sooner.’

Trainer Hannah Johnson said the event was a huge success.

She said: “It’s great to see members of staff getting involved to enhance their understanding of mental health wellbeing. By having more staff trained in this area we are better equipped to support students and staff in need.”