Let's Take a Tour...

Public Services and Policing students were invited for a tour at Essex Police College in Chelmsford

Policing and Public Service students had the privilege of being taken on a tour around Essex Police College in Chelmsford.

Activities throughout the day included sitting in on a lesson with current officers, witnessng scenario training in the gym and speaking to recruitment. Former Public Services student Fraser Sowden was also on hand to answer any questions about his experience in the force.

Public Services Lecturer Lee McCarthy said: "South Essex Colleges Group is working together in building partnerships with the police by introducing future recruits to their future employer. This day will be the forerunner to a partnership with  Essex Police whereby the students will receive the best possible chances of succeeding towards their goals. The Police College were thankful that the South Essex Colleges Group is installing their fundamentals of ethics, morals, honesty and integrity into these young people to aid future development of Police."