Jobs To Go Around

The jobs fair event was held at the Thurrock campus.

Thurrock campus hosted the annual Jobs Fair. There was a great turnout of hopeful individuals seeking future career opportunities. Businesses such as Stambridge, Amazon and Newcroft were present advising attendees of the available jobs within their sector. 

Clare Pettini Team Leader of Employability and Outcomes, spoke of the event: "All of these learners are looking for employment in various sectors, so we've invited 25 employers to come in to promote their vancancies." 

Workforce Adult Skills Manager, Nicky O'Brien added: "The fact that we trained these people in the first place is a win-win all round. Some of the employers here have already employed our students, so it's nice to catch up with them."

Nicky said that she feels very proud when she sees past students' successes. 

Clare summed the day up: "I feel massive pride that our past learners have achieved success and have taken on board all of the training and knowledge that was offered and gone out there, celebrated what they've learned, promoted themselves appropriately and wowed the employer."