Going Nuts!

Motor Vehicle students take part in a tyre change competition

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, first and third year students from Motor Vehicle Services and Maintenance Technician Level 3, took part in a race against the clock in a tyre changing challenge at Stephenson Road campus.

Year three lecturer Jamie Hewett, and year one lecturer John Clark, led the competition by splitting the students into pairs to see who could change two tyres on a Mini Cooper in the fastest time. Tensions were high as the pairs worked together to complete the challenge. One student loosened the wheel nuts whilst the other released the tyre from the vehicle and finally refitted it.

The fastest time of 42.08 seconds was met by year one students, Jim Francis and Albert Galbally, who were rewarded with £30.00 Amazon vouchers. The year three runners up were Jack Wilde and Josh Standing, who won £15.00 worth of vouchers. 

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