Football Business University delivers inspiring talk to students

Football Academy and Sport students from South Essex College were granted a fantastic opportunity to meet Andy Speed from the bespoke University Campus of Football Business.

The talk, held at our Southend Campus, saw students engage with discussions about university life at the Wembley and Ethiad Football stadium.

Andy Speed inspired students with opportunities to study and learn in a prime location as well as tasks to test the students understanding of the sports industry on a global level.

David Birnie, Football Academy Lecturer, said: “Andy from UCFB provided our students with an insight in to studying at Wembley Stadium. UCFB has grown over the years offering a wide range of degrees in an array of different areas in the football industry.

“UCFB have an unrivalled network available to make the learner journey truly exceptional and we cannot wait to work closely with them in the future.”
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