Celebrating Success 2020 - Maria Keenan

Maria Keenan - Media and Performing Arts Student of the Year

Maria Keenan is from Westcliff and studies Level 3 Creative Media Production (TV & Film) at the college’s Southend Campus.

She was nominated for being a fantastic learner with focus, enthusiasm and commitment.

After a successful stint helping at Village Green, Maria has turned her focus into her passion – event and project management. She now has an offer from her choice higher education provider and is heading right towards her area of interest.

Maria said: “I really didn’t expect to win a big award like this, but it felt really good for my work and efforts to be recognised over the past two years. It’s definitely boosted my confidence and made me even more determined to go into higher education after college.

“It’s proven to me that college is an amazing pathway to reach your future goals, I’ve achieved even more by being greatly supported and guided by my tutors who made lessons really enjoyable to attend.”