Building Support from Peer to Peer

Lisa Charkiewicz received an award for her work on building peer to peer across the nation.

JISC champion award, for her work on building peer to peer support between LRC’s across the nation.

Jisc is the UK digital, data and technology agency focused on tertiary education, research and innovation. They are a not-for-profit organisation and believe education and research improves lives and that technology improves education and research.

Established in 2020, the awards bring together inspirational groups that provide a lifeline to help people and institutions adapt and learn. Since then, 44 people have been named a Jisc community champion.  

This year’s champions and finalists gave up their time and worked tirelessly to support their cause. Whether they are a community's unsung hero, the technical whizz, the advocate, or pioneer, they have gone above and beyond. 

The CEO of JISC, explained the reasons of Lisa’s award: “Lisa demonstrates valuable professional knowledge of librarianship for both FE and HE, together with an understanding of what helps to make a community flourish. The community’s chair, who had been extremely active, had to step down. This meant we needed others to take on more of a role. Lisa was one of two leadership team members nominated in this category who seized the opportunity to take a lead. Her energy and willingness to help are an inspiration for others. One relationship manager has noted how Lisa’s work shows “a shift in the leadership team’s ownership of the community.”

As an award, Lisa received  a VIP experience for Digifest 2023, with travel, accommodation and celebratory evening meal included.

What an achievement, well done Lisa.

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