BBC and South Essex Colleges Group Students Talk Politics!

A crew from the BBC visited Luckyn Lane Campus in Basildon last week to meet with students and get their opinions on the upcoming elections. Six of our students voiced their concerns and thoughts about voting, with some being first-time voters.

Plumbing and heating student Joshua Glass, 18, said that he wishes politics was taught to children from primary school age, because "people my age often don't know a lot about it". He said one of his chief concerns at the moment is the cost of living and that he wants his area to be as nice and safe as it can be.

James Claydon, 23, is studying for an electrical installation qualification at the college. He feels the future for his generation is "bleak" because of the "price of houses, inflation and the fact wages are staying the same.

Electrical installation student Chloe Green, 18, has just secured an apprenticeship. She said although politics matters and "impacts the whole country and where I live", she feels uninformed. Adding: “Even if my parents did tell me a bit about it, I don't feel like it is appropriate for me to just follow them because I am my own person.”

Justin Rowe, 18, is studying plumbing and heating thinks politicians should be focusing on our country as a whole instead of what is going outside. Telling us: “For example, we've got things like homelessness, knife crime, hunger on the streets and people unable to afford housing.”

20 year old plumbing and heating student Oliver Johnson wants politicians to focus more on domestic issues rather than foreign affairs. Inflation, in particular, is an issue he has experienced first-hand as a new driver, paying £1,600 in insurance this year.

Charlie Elliott, 21, is three years into a four-year plumbing course and works with his father. He describes himself as an undecided voter. Saying that: “A lot of politicians just say things people want to hear. How often what they say will actually happen? I don't think it is as often as we would like.”

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Success stories

Celebrating Success 2022: Joe Carroll

Celebrating Success 2022: Joe Carroll

Course studied

Engineering Level 3 National Foundation Diploma

I would recommend South Essex College because the timetable is great for someone to get a part time job outside of college.

Engineering Student of the Year, Joe Carroll started the year as a shy student lacking confidence, however, his commitment to the course and excellent attitude towards learning has seen him start to develop into an excellent student, both in the academic areas and socially.

Joe said: “It was a good feeling to receive the award because it felt nice for my hard work to be recognised.

“The thing I like most about my course is that it's assignment based, there is a lot less stress because I know it all doesn't come down to one big exam.

“My biggest achievement so far has to be achieving a merit in my engineering principles exam.”

Joe’s tutor said: “Joe’s attitude towards learning is to be applauded and he always takes on board the feedback given to him. Joe is highly motivated and works well individually and as part  of a team within the class. Joe’s attendance and punctuality is exemplary. He achieved a well-earned merit in the external exam in January 2022 and all assignment work is submitted ahead of time and to a high standard. Joe has developed from a quiet student to a potentially skilled future engineer whose values and approach to his studies are an example to his fellow students.”

Joe said: “I would recommend South Essex College because the timetable is great for someone to get a part time job outside of college. My plan is to get an apprenticeship at British Rail as an engineer.”