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You’ve decided what higher education course you wish to study, the next step is to make your application through UCAS.

Applying for your higher education course

Full-time study

Applications for full-time undergraduate programmes must be made online via UCAS:

Apply via UCAS

There are three types of applicant:

  1. Students at a school or college registered with UCAS
  2. Independent applicants in the UK who are not at school or college
  3. International applicants outside the UK (EU and worldwide)
Important information The UCAS number and abbreviated name for South Essex College are S43 and SEC. These must be entered in the appropriate boxes of the UCAS form, along with course codes for your chosen programme(s).

Applying through Clearing

If you apply for your course after the end of June, you will be entered into Clearing. You can find information about the Clearing process on UCAS. Any courses that are oversubscribed will not be available through Clearing.

How is my application processed?

After you submit your application you may be invited to attend an interview to determine your suitability for the course. For further information about this process, please refer to course listings. Some vocational courses (such as Art & Design courses) will also require you to present a portfolio of work or attend an audition. Courses that may involve working with children or vulnerable adults, will require a Disclosure & Barring Service check and/or an occupation health check.

For full-time course applications UCAS will send you an official notification of our decision. Part-time applicants will be contacted directly by our admissions department.

All applicants will be contacted by our admissions department by email and post to provide key information throughout.

If your application is unsuccessful and you would like feedback, email

Please refer to our Admissions and Feedback Policies.

Conditional offers

If your offer is conditional on examination results and your results do not quite meet the conditions, we will review your application to see if you can still be given a place.

You can scan and email to

Applicants with disabilities or learning difficulties

We consider applications from students with disabilities using the same academic criteria as other applicants. If you have a disability, mental health difficulties or a specific learning difficulty, you should indicate this on your UCAS application. We can then give early consideration for any additional support you may require, including making reasonable adjustments to your course and environment and advice on how to apply for special exam considerations, support funding (Disabled Students’ Allowance) and individual examination arrangements.

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