University Centre South Essex launches partnerships with new live room capture technology

University Centre South Essex has launched the new live room capture and virtual classroom experience in partnership with Planet eStream and Octopus network. 

Starting from the week beginning 15 March, the live capture experience will allow students working from home to immerse in a new learning experience with autonomous live cameras and high sensitivity microphones capturing the entire classroom.

The technology has been implemented to make the virtual experience a simplified and authentic learning experience and educators are no longer required to set up streams enabling them to focus on lesson delivery. It will also allow students who may not be able to attend for personal or health reasons, to easily engage with the lecturers with greater ease and view the live recordings once the session has been completed. 

The impact of COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the university learning experience across the country and the new technology is set to enhance the virtual environment and make it easier for lecturers to communicate in an educational setting. University Centre South Essex’s new addition will be an extra added feature alongside the usual classroom learning and one that will look to stay for the future. 
Working with Planet eStream and Octopus Networks to provide a cost effective and learner first solution couldn’t have been simpler said Rhys Hughes, Head of Learning Services.

 “We wanted learners to be able to engage fully with their lecturers and peers if they were unable to come to site, without the obstacles that some new technologies can bring. Focusing on the Planet eStream platform and integrating into our virtual learning environment, Canvas, the follow-me lecture capture solution we designed in collaboration has achieved that at a fraction of the cost of similar off the shelf corporate brand solutions.”

Tom Norrey, Senior Product Specialist at Planet eStream, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with both South Essex College and Octopus Networks to deliver live room capture and recording from several HE classrooms and lecture theatres. The solution includes high-end audio-visual hardware plus the new Live Streaming Lecture and Room capture toolset, included in the colleges Planet eStream platform subscription. 
Planet eStream offers powerful, scalable, yet extremely easy to use Lecture Capture tools. One of the main benefits is support for autonomous capture hardware, simplifying both the initial deployment and workflow for end-users. Educators are no longer required to set up and start streams, enabling them to focus on delivering their lessons and lectures. Learners can view the recorded lessons directly within Canvas. 
We look forward to continuing our work with both the college and Octopus teams and assisting them in rolling-out high-quality lecture capture across more rooms.”

For more information visit on Planet eStream, visit: The Number One Unified Video Platform for Education | Planet eStream. For Octopus Network, visit: Welcome - Octopus Networks