Employer Partnerships

Our graduates go on to a variety of roles, from graduate positions to self-employment, within a variety of different sectors having completed their degrees in either social sciences or the creative arts with our reputable validating partners.

Our students are: dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate. Do you want students who bring different perspectives, creativity and authenticity, with the strong ability to provide support to your organisation? If the answer is, yes - then why not engage with our students and graduates through internships, work placements and recruitment opportunities.

  • Internships involve students or graduates working on a specific project or simply providing additional resource
  • Work placements are part of a student's course and inform a piece of assessed academic work
  • Recruitment opportunities involve students or graduates to access your live full time or part time vacancies

Working with us and creating a partnership with the university centre can provide you and your organisation with exposure and marketing opportunities. We can help you raise your profile on campus and attract students to opportunities within your business through employer led workshops, speaker sessions or presentations. We can also help to recruit students and graduates at no cost for future roles and opportunities within your company. We look forward to working with you and to see our graduates achieve success for your organisations.

Opportunities to get involved

  • Advertise your vacancies to our students and graduates for free via our job boards
  • Exhibit at our careers fairs and reach hundreds of students in one day
  • Offer an internship or work placement and gain access to a talented pool of students and recent graduates who can inject enthusiasm and fresh approaches into your business
  • Mentor our students to gain coaching and mentoring skills

 Please note: For more information or enquiries about employer engagement and working with University Centre South Essex – Please contact HECareers@southessex.ac.uk Telephone: 0345 52 12345 and ask to speak to the Higher Education Careers and Employability Team.