Peer Mentoring

University Centre South Essex Peer Mentoring Programme

This programme aims to help new students settle into their course, make progress and achieve their full potential.

1st year degree students are matched with a student mentor in their 2nd or 3rd year who will work individually with them throughout the year. Their mentor will give advice and information on aspects of study and student life at University Centre South Essex.

Peer Mentors are a great source of information for course specific support and for issues related to being a student. Students can apply to take part in the Peer Mentoring programme by contacting HE Student Support.

Meet the Mentors


I am currently in my last year of completing my Early Years Education degree. I decided to become a peer mentor as I know university life can be a daunting and stressful time and I would like to help others with any issues they might have including organising their study time or developing their academic skills.

Without the support and encouragement I received during my first two years, from my peers and tutors, I would not of been able to achieve all I have, and I would like to do this for others. I am very passionate that everyone with the right support can achieve their dream.


I am a third year student studying for a BA (Hons) Counselling degree and this is my second year of peer mentoring. As a mature student I struggled to find my feet during the first year of my degree. I have a wealth of life experiences but had never studied at HE level. I was a fish out of water when it comes to academic expectations.

Mentoring allows me to provide support for students who need help overcoming the feelings of being bewildered and perhaps overwhelmed by academic expectations and deadlines, along with any anxiety or personal issues that may come up as a result of that.

I will try my best to assist mentee's to get the most out of their years as a student and support them in achieving their goals.


After 4 years of working in office jobs that were relatively unrewarding and uninspiring, I decided to enrol at university so that I could pursue a lifelong career to become a Primary School Teacher.

I am now in my third year at university and felt that I have learnt so much from academic skills to coping with pressure and stress. I would now like to share my knowledge and experience with other students and support them on their university journey.


I'm in my 2nd year of study for Animation BA Hons. I can aid you with general skills such as: organisation skills, time management skills, revision techniques and essay writing skills.

I can also help with skills more specific to media/animation/art such as: sketch book layout, how to start a sketchbook and art techniques.


We have launched a brand new online mentoring platform for Higher Education. Mentees can sign up online for a variety of mentoring programmes. Our existing peer mentor programme is already making use of the advanced facilities available on MentorNet to log meetings and share resources

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