Student Union

How do I join the student union?

When you enrol with University Centre South Essex you automatically become a member of the College’s Student Union. Run by students, the Union exists purely to improve your College experience both academically and socially to make your time with us exciting and memorable.

If you would like to get involved with the SU you can put yourself forward to be a Course Representative, apply to be an Executive Officer in one of our paid leadership roles or sign up as a volunteer Project Officer. Great for your CV! The SU is happy to support you in organising your own events. Get in touch and we will provide you with support and advice. Remember that if you would like to initiate your own clubs and societies the SU will provide you with information, support and guidance to promote them.

How do I become an executive officer?

Executive officers are voted in so you will need to nominate yourself at the beginning of the academic year. If you are elected as a student union executive officer you will be entitled to get a Totum card free. As an Executive Officer you will have the opportunity to attend the annual NUS conference at our expense which can be held anywhere in the British Isles. This will give you the chance to interact with over 500 SU officers.

We are proud of our students and encourage you to gain skills that go beyond your qualifications. We offer you the chance to contribute to College life, helping out with internal College events such as Freshers’ Fairs, Open Days and Award ceremonies. As a student union officer you will also get paid an hourly rate for work that you do for the student union.

Is the union part of the National Union of Students (NUS)?

Yes, South Essex College and University Centre South Essex run their student union in collaboration with the NUS. The National Union of Students is a confederation of approximately six hundred student unions across the UK and represent the interests of more than seven million students.

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