HE Support Fund

What is the HE Support Fund?

University Centre South Essex appreciates there are times when students are faced with unexpected financial hardship and offer assistance via the HE Support Fund.

The amount awarded does not have to be paid back.* The Fund cannot be used to pay Tuition Fees. Applications are open between November and April while there are funds remaining. Students are assessed using an additional needs method that compares composite living costs and the difference between reasonable expenditure and expected income over the academic year. The amount awarded will also take into account the student’s priority group.

What is the criteria for applying?

  • Students must be fully registered at the college and enrolled on an Undergraduate or HND course.
  • Students must fulfil the residency criteria.
  • Students must have taken the full amount of Student Loan to which they are entitled.
  • Students must be in regular attendance (at least 75%).
  • Students agree to participate in budgeting workshops.

Other factors taken into consideration are:

In some circumstances whereby a student wouldn’t normally qualify, an Exceptional award may be made at the discretion of the college.

* Additional support is available from the Fund in the form of a Late Funding Loan.

This facility is used to assist home students whose Student Finance Loan is delayed (excluding the usual 5-7 day delay caused by registration and loan release – students are advised to have made some provision for this period of time). In addition to the basic loan of £260 for single students/couples and £330 for students with dependants (an additional £40 per each additional child) it may be possible to increase the loan for childcare and/or mortgage payments.

Late Funding Loans are expected to be repaid once the student receives their first SFE payment or if this is not possible, arrangements can be made to repay in instalments.

How do I apply?

Students can find the application forms and full guidance notes on Canvas and will be supported to apply by the Undergraduate Support Advisor.