Student Engagement

What do we mean by student engagement?

Student Engagement is a term used to describe how students are represented at University as well as how they get involved with college life.

Sometimes referred to as Learner Voice, it is the opportunity for students to be actively involved in creating and benefiting from the processes put in place to support them to succeed in their journey through Higher Education. It is also a way of promoting and encouraging a strong ethos of academic community. A focus on feedback from students helps to ensure that the University Centre South Essex can highlight good practice, improve satisfaction and increase participation.

How do we support student engagement?

Course Representatives

Our course representative programme provides students with an opportunity to be actively involved in shaping the future of the University Centre South Essex. The Course Rep meetings are run by our Student Engagement team and supported by the Student Union and take place on a termly basis. Course Representatives are chosen by each group at the beginning of the academic year and are invited to attend a training session before the first Course Rep meeting. Course Representatives are also invited to attend Programme Board meetings where they can discuss their individual courses.

Student Union

When you enrol at the University Centre South Essex you automatically become a member of the College’s Student Union. Run by students, the Union exists purely to improve your College experience both academically and socially to make your time with us exciting and memorable.

About Student Union

Social Events

The Student Engagement team and the Student Union run a range of social events throughout the year as well as promoting national and international awareness days and events. All of the social events are planned using feedback from students and include events such as cultural trips, sporting activities and parties. These social events are designed to give students an opportunity to meet with other people from across the University Centre South Essex and feel part of the community.