Students create impressive gingerbread structures for national exhibition

Level 3 Art and Design 3D students at South Essex College and BA Hons Interior Design students at University Centre South Essex have created gingerbread structures for the return of the festive and spectacular The Gingerbread City exhibition in London.

Five students from South Essex College and five students from University Centre South Essex were tasked with creating eco-buildings and green infrastructures to support this year’s theme of nature in the city. The gingerbread pieces were made by South Essex College’s Level 3 patisserie students and lecturer, Sasha Crow, to help bring the masterpiece to life.

The college and the university have managed to secure three plots at this year’s exhibition and were sent a statement prior to construction. The statement was: ‘How can an intensively farmed and mono-culture landscape within the greenbelt be rewilded to promote eco-tourism and education?’
Each island in the masterplan is a different natural environment and includes a range of landscapes, buildings and infrastructure plots.

The architecture exhibition will run from 4 December to 9 January at 6-7 Motcomb Street, Belgravia. It will host impressive gingerbread structures from over 100 leading architects, landscape architects, engineers and ecologists from across the country. 

Dani Ellis, Programme Leader for BA Hons Interior Design, said: “It has been a great collaboration between HE Interior Design students, 3D and Architecture FE students and our Catering college over the past few weeks. Our entry to the Gingerbread City, organised by the Museum of Architecture, is standing alongside some of the best design practices in the country.”

“It took a lot of gingerbread pieces, icing and fast thinking to complete the final structures and it brought the students together alongside their very busy schedules and exams. We are truly proud of our students and their commitment. A special thanks to Matt Thompson, Sasha Crow and all the students involved.”

Melissa Woolford, founder of Museum of Architecture said: “We are so pleased to be back with Gingerbread City this year. During the pandemic we discovered just how important connecting with nature is - many people found solace and community in local parks, gardens and green spaces. We felt this was a really important theme for us to explore. We want to send our visitors away inspired about how more nature can make our cities better places to live as well as making them cooler, cleaner, healthier and more resilient. We can achieve a lot when we let more nature in!”

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Student credits:

HE Interior Design students: Kaci Chelton, Nicole Stuart, Imogen Davis, Melissa Cowell, Antonio A’Daddio

Level 3 Art and Design 3D students: Chloe Hobbs, Daisy Houston, Kaylie Tran, Benjamin Marsh, Alice Moorhouse