Creative graduate gets call up for Cats

An Animation graduate from University Centre South Essex recently worked on the hit film, Cats.

Joe Bumpus, 25, studied BA (Hons) Digital Animation at the centre’s Southend Campus. He currently works for a VFX studio, MPC Film, and contributed to the special effects on Cats.

Joe, from Basildon, said: “My role enabled me to learn from other artists and animators in the feature film industry, as well as giving me the unique opportunity to be part of an exciting project.”

He insists the degree helped him learn how to manage multiple creative tasks at one time and prioritise certain aspects over others, a key skill which has become essential when meeting tight deadlines in the visual effects industry.

He added: “The degree also helped me develop a value for excellent communication between a team and understand the importance of feedback on my own work. 
“I truly enjoyed my degree, it was full of huge learning curves but it greatly helped my personal and professional development.”

The degree is perfect for those wishing to pursue a career within animation, VFX or motion graphics. It helps students gain an understanding of what it takes to break into a very exciting industry. For more information, visit