College launches degree in Business Entrepreneurship

College launches degree in Business Entrepreneurship

As South Essex College launches its first degree in Business Entrepreneurship this year, Julian Hall who is supporting the development of the course, tells us about his views and ideas for its development.

What is your background Julian?

I run a company called Ultra Education, our vision is that all children and young people regardless of background or social standing have access to essential entrepreneurial education. We deliver courses in schools which give young people the opportunity to have a go at setting up a business and develop a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and mind-set.

What are you doing with South Essex College University Centre?

I’m helping develop the content for and deliver the new degree which is validated by UEA and starts in the autumn.

What would studying the South Essex College University Centre degree do for people?

The degree will cover all aspects of business but with more of a creative and innovative edge than a traditional business degree. We believe it will equip people with the creative drive that many employers are looking for.

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Yes, absolutely it can. It’s about developing a passion, problem solving, creativity and drive. Traditionally we think about entrepreneurs as those who want to earn lots of money but I think there are a cohort of people who are social entrepreneurs who are driven by a wider purpose to really make a difference. My view is that if people work in something they love they will never work a day of their life and I really think that both business and social entrepreneurs are generally those people.

Is it just for people who want to own their own business?

No not at all although it will provide people will the skills they need to do so. Increasingly big companies are looking for people to act like entrepreneurs within their own business. They are looking for the creativity, drive and innovation that is needed for business to keep a competitive edge and stay fit for the future.

Why have you become involved with the course?

I’m passionate about education, I’m passionate about people and I think that no matter how old you are you should never stop learning. This degree is ideal for anyone who wants to study whatever age they are and wherever they are in life.

How will this differ from other similar degrees?

The delivery and structure of any degree is key. We have tried to devise this so there is room for students to be creative. We’ll be engaging with leaders in the community, bringing real world perspectives to the entrepreneurial model so the students can connect with it in a meaningful way.

Who would the course be useful for in your opinion?

Anyone who is interested in making a difference whether that is in business or to a social issue. You could be in work and studying and working or a full-time student. You could be a self-employed person who needs additional knowledge to move your business to the next level and needs an additional spark.