How I settled into Fashion Media & Promotion at University Centre South Essex

Top advice for new students

Being accepted for BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Promotion at UCSE has been one of the most beneficial and valuable investments I have made. I have been given various amount of different skills in my first year which I have retained and improved on current modules.

Reflecting on my first year, I have come to the conclusion that it is so important to socialise during your first year! (This includes students in different years and different courses) Take every opportunity to build your network, whether this is in a seminar, out for drinks, on work placement, via social media, and definitely through clubs and societies! This only doesn't give you an insight into the diversity of characters and backgrounds. But also gives you some networking and confidence skills! Networking is an incredible method to get important guidance, find out opportunities relating to your discipline that you in any case might not have thought about. Being a student at UCSE is an incredible chance to begin constructing a great start to a network of people that can assist you with your future! Obviously, this does require a lot of time and effort from YOU! But obviously, have fun with it!

After a few weeks in, I really thought I wasn't cut out for the industry and I actually felt as if I had no current skill set that was strong enough for the industry. I stuck with it as I was just trying to silence my inner saboteur. It's a new environment, you hear new complicated words, there are parts of the industry which you haven't paid much attention to and it's a lot to take in! I would be at The Forum (30 secs away from UCSE) until midnight some nights! Researching and using it as a study space became my second home. After I spoke to my lecturers about my personal concerns, I was reminded that I am still learning, and it was never too much to ask for some 1-2-1 time to develop a deeper understanding. Once I started to take on board advice from networking, feedback on projects, and putting myself in new situations. I started to get over that frame of mind! Now, I am an official editor for a magazine company and I am still only in my second year!

One last thing I would like to pass on is, I could've utilised the student services so much more! No matter the question, they will find an answer! Need help with funding? How to professionally quote some text and put it in a bibliography? Post-graduate job hunting? This team really is the rock supporting UCSE students.

There have been other times and situations from which I have learned from. I am sure to add them to another blog post! However, I am here if you want to reach out with any questions or if you just want to chat :)

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