University Centre South Essex praised by students in national survey

Students have reacted favourably to the provision at University Centre South Essex through the National Student Survey (NSS).

The NSS is a high profile annual poll of nearly half a million Higher Education students across the UK organised by the Office for Students (OfS).

Students were given a series of questions around a number of areas of their studies and asked to rate each with either ‘definitely agree’; ‘mostly agree’; ‘neither agree nor disagree’; ‘mostly disagree’; ‘definitely disagree’; or ‘not applicable’.

The results show the University Centre is achieving above the benchmark standard set by the OfS in several key areas.

The response rate to the survey was 88% - 19 percentage points higher than the national average.

The results show the percentage of students who responded ‘definitely agree’ or ‘mostly agree’  to the questions in each category.

•    Learning community 76.81% (8.55 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Assessment and feedback 80.62% (7.49 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Academic support 81.76% (7.31 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Student Voice 72.34% (5.27 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Organisation and management 70.53% (4.97 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Teaching on the course 84.42% (4.42 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Learning opportunities 82.61% (2.91 percentage points above benchmark)
•    Overall satisfaction 73.19% (1.55 percentage points above benchmark)

Students have shared their experiences of their time at University Centre South Essex.

One student, Jessica Fleming, said: “Smaller class sizes are hugely beneficial because it makes the experience more personal. I felt as though I mattered and I didn’t get lost in a huge sea of students where you do become just a number. Staff get to know you and support you accordingly.”

Another student, Katy Louise Layen, said: “The student services team based within the university centre has been amazing. Staff are always available to contact regarding any issues faced and they do their best to support in any way they can. 

“Student services also provided and promoted a variety of workshops and other opportunities to help with life after education and building on desirable employability skills. This was really helpful, as many of the opportunities taken would not have been known by a number of students.”

Colin Bladen-Kopacz, Dean of Higher Education, said he was ‘delighted’ with the results.

He said: The NSS is a vital tool for students to have their say and for Higher Education providers to evaluate their provision.

“It has been an extremely difficult year for everyone but our determination to provide our students with a high quality educational experience has not stopped. I’m pleased to see this reflected in the results of the survey. This is an excellent result and clearly reflects the hard work of all our academic and student support staff.”

University Centre South Essex offers a range of Higher Education courses which are accredited by internationally recognised, top-quality universities such as University of the Arts London (UAL) and University of East Anglia (UEA).

You can still apply for courses at University Centre South Essex for this year through Clearing. Visit