HE Celebrating Success 2021: University Centre South Essex celebrates outstanding student achievements

University Centre South Essex has commemorated its outstanding students at the second annual HE Celebrating Success ceremony. 

The event this year was held virtually and was well received by all who attended.

Elaine Grout, who is studying Fine Art, was crowned the winner in the most improved category.

Her lecturers described her as having an abundance of positive creative energy with a can do attitude. 
They said: “Elaine always rises to the challenge, no matter what obstacles have been presented to her along the way.”

“Elaine approaches all areas of her programme with rigour, honesty and professionalism, she has a great sense of humour and is always ready to learn and support her peers.”

Elaine said she was pleased that all her hard work had not gone unnoticed and winning the award has given her a boost in confidence.

She said: “I’m really surprised to have won this award and would recommend to anyone who is considering university to start your application with University Centre South Essex. The teachers are understanding and help with any difficulties you might have and you will feel supported during your time here.”

Nikki Hill, Student Engagement Officer and co-ordinator of this year’s event, said: “This is the second year we have held HE Celebrating Success, which celebrates the many and varied achievements of our HE students.”

“Students are nominated by both academic and support staff and I was overwhelmed with the number of students that staff felt should be awarded this year. It is so important for us to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all of our students and we look forward to growing and developing HE Celebrating Success in the future.”

Winners are being featured on the college’s website and social media channels. For more details, visit: www.southessex.ac.uk/he/news

HE Celebrating Success 2021 winners: 

Felicity Maeve Galbally Overall Performance   
Kelsey Duller Commitment to Study
Charley Edwards Determination to Succeed  
Thomas Wilson Outstanding Commitment to the field of Sport Science
Kenneth King Overall Performance and Contribution to University
Hollie Robertson Overall Performance
Jayde Dorland Overall Performance
Grace Tedore Determination to Succeed 
Morgan Foakes Personal Development and Determination to Succeed
Charlie Kelsey Outstanding Course Representative
Lisa Bowden One to Watch and Outstanding Commitment to Course
Laura Smith Overall Performance and Commitment to Study    
Kellie Shiels Shaugnessy Most Improved and Commitment to Study
Billy Gibbons Determination to Succeed  
Nicola Mortimer Outstanding Commitment to Course
Zoe Larkin Outstanding Commitment to Course  
Samantha Kirwan One to Watch 
Nicola Dansey Determination to Succeed 
Hannah Buchmuller-page Determination to Succeed
Holly Martin Determination to Succeed 
Taylor Challis Commitment to Study and One to Watch 
Michaela Raymond Personal Development and Academic Achievement 
Demi Bartlett Determination to Succeed
Helen Mistry Determination to Succeed 
Rachael Lisa Chapman Determination to Succeed
Jennifer Snow Determination to Succeed 
Emily Barrow Determination to Succeed
Sean Mcdonald Contribution to Community 
Mika Korakianitis Personal Development
Bryony Pollard Achievement across the programme 
Shania Holland Overall Performance
George Beckwith Overall Performance 
Jake Simons Most Improved 
Oliver Johnston Overall Performance and Commitment to Stud
Joshua Donaldson Overall Performance 
Julianne Wise Contribution to Student Union 
Samuel Eliu Espinoza Parrales Overall Performance 
Alexander Chettur Overall Performance and One to Watch
Callum Bond Overall Performance 
Lydia Law Determination to Succeed
Kathryn Tonkiss Determination to Succeed 
Max Attack Kindness to Others
Stephanie McDermott Determination to Succeed 
Monique Crook Outstanding Dissertation 
Callum Hegg Kindness to Others 
Jessica Bernard Outstanding Commitment to Course
Sarah Green Determination to Succeed 
Dorota Bouali Oustanding Commitment to Course
Anthony Marriage Outstanding Commitment to Course 
Fern Worsley Outstanding Commitment to Course and Contribution to College
Elaine Grout Most Improved 
Quatrina Benjamin Personal Development and Commitment to Study
Hussain Raney Personal Development and Determination to Succeed 
Harry George Down Collaborative Practice 
Owen Foran Collaborative Practice 
Carrie Mills Academic Achievement 
Sophie May Barnes Outstanding Commitment to Programme 
Felicity Anniss Teamwork 
Yasmin Bentley Teamwork 
Elise Heron Most Improved and Determination to Succeed 
Elizabeth Setordzi One to Watch  
Riona Skinner Personal Development
Rachel Kidd Overall Performance
Sophie Sims Commitment to Study 
Stephanie Reeves Commitment to Study 
Caroline Bose Commitment to Study and One to Watch 
Laura Polley Most Improved and Determination to Succeed 
Danielle Carty Most Improved and One to Watch 
Rhys Hawkins Kindness to Others and Determination to Succeed
Sammi McDowell One to Watch and Most Improved