Industry Training

Training is an important investment, and it has to make a difference where it matters the most

Our commercial training provision offers a wide range of courses as part of your staff’s Continued Professional Development (CPD). Our CPD courses are high quality, accredited or bespoke training programmes, designed to equip attending delegates with skills and knowledge which can immediately be applied in the workplace. Often, they allow you and your business to meet legislative or regulatory requirements.

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Our courses meet the needs of the construction and engineering industries and include training in health & safety, electrical, refrigeration, environmental, plumbing, rail and aviation.

Training Courses available

We have various training courses that run throughout the year. Please check the listings for more information

Industry Training Course Listings

Experience, quality and flexibility

Training is an important investment, and it has to make a difference where it matters the most, in the workplace. We provide a comprehensive personal and professional development service, with expert advice on which courses are right for you and how you can progress in your chosen career path. For your business, training with us ensures that your workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to achieve your objectives.

Professional trainers

Our training is presented by experienced and qualified professionals. All of our trainers have the appropriate industrial or commercial accreditations and have substantial practical experience in the area in which they specialise. They understand the modern working environment and the challenges faced by the delegates who come on a South Essex College training course.

A quality experience

We make quality our number one priority. For us, this means delivering training which develops new skills and improves business performance, to the highest standard. It also means engaging with you in a partnership of mutual interests and advantages. Your business success lies at the heart of our services to you.

We are passionate about the quality of our training and we do not take short cuts. It is as important to us that the training we provide delivers the desired impact as it is to you.

In order to create a comfortable environment conducive to learning, we are offering training in a professional environment and all of our scheduled short courses include a complimentary lunch and refreshments throughout in our light and airy breakout spaces. Parking is available for free on a first come first serve basis.

Bespoke services

A lot of our training takes place at one of our three centres in Basildon and Southend, but if you want training delivered at your own location or close by to save your staff travelling to our training venues, for some subject areas, that can be arranged too. In fact, some of our courses, we only deliver on-site in order to ensure that they are based on and fit into your current work environment.

And whilst we do offer a lot of externally accredited qualifications, we are able to design bespoke training courses that fit your particular needs. This is especially the case in subject areas like team leading, management and leadership and communication, but can also occur when technical and craft multi-skilling is the aim of the training scheme.

In addition, we offer many of our facilities for hire. Please contact us on 01702 221813 to discuss.