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South Essex College and PROCAT have now merged.

You can find out more about the merger on our website here. Please see below some Frequently Asked Questions about the merger.

Principal's briefing

Angela is holding a number of briefings to update staff on latest developments and the merger. Briefings will be repeated as follows:

Monday 11th Feb 08.30
Southend (The POD) TO BE FILMED
Monday 11th Feb 12 noon
Stephenson Road (Room 28.1.04)
Monday 11th Feb 1.30pm
PROCAT Canvey (Room 129)
Tuesday 12th Feb 8.30
Basildon  (Hall) 
Tuesday 12th Feb 1.30pm
PROCAT Basildon (Learning Zone)
Thursday 14th Feb 08.30
Thurrock (conference rooms W1.22,23, 24)



Merger between PROCAT and South Essex College

Who will I/my child receive their qualification from?

Following merger your qualification will be processed and certificates sent by South Essex College.

What happens with my parent/student login?

Student systems aren’t being touched until the summer break, so until then students will log on the same way as they are now. If system changes are made, login details will still remain the same so students won’t have to worry about new usernames or passwords.

What happens about my staff email address? How do I contact my tutor?

Staff email addresses will be migrated over and they will change to South Essex email addresses in the next few months. Emails sent to PROCAT addresses will be redirected for the foreseeable future so please continue to use existing email addresses.

What is happening to the PROCAT website and admissions?

The PROCAT website will remain in operation until the new academic year although course information and PROCAT information will also be migrated over to the new South Essex College website that will be launched in May/June 2019.

I am a PROCAT student, will I still be on the same course? At the same location?

Yes everything remains the same for existing courses and apprenticeships until the start of the new academic year.

What is happening about the PROCAT brand?

At dedicated PROCAT campuses and on PROCAT uniforms (as they are updated/worn out) we will be using a joint logo (see above), the PROCAT name and brand colours will be used in relevant materials including headed paper at PROCAT sites.

I want to go on a PROCAT course in September, how will I know where I will be based?

Course information will be regularly updated on both the South Essex College and the PROCAT websites. If you have a question about admissions please contact us on 01268 662444 – option 3 or by emailing

I have applied for a PROCAT course to start in September, what does this mean?

The admissions process for both colleges will remain the same for now and any changes will be communicated in due course. If you have a question about your application, please contact us on 01268 662444 – option 3 or by emailing

What are the perks of being a South Essex College student?

  • South Essex College has a vibrant, inclusive environment in which you can study and grow. Your time here will be filled with exciting challenges and rewards, safe in the knowledge that you will be supported at every turn to advance socially, professionally and personally.
  • A dedicated enrichment team offering a whole range of activities for you to join in to make your time at College fun and fulfilling, including the option to join the Student Union and have a voice in what needs to be improved.

If you have any additional questions please email