Hiring an Apprentice

Support and guidance

Whether you are a levy paying customer or an SME we offer a range of over 20 apprenticeships to choose from and will support you every step of the way. We take the strain away from your apprenticeship programme whether you have one or hundred apprentices working for you.

Each year the college works with hundreds of businesses and places apprentices in a variety of sectors and at all levels. Whether you are a levy paying business or a SME, we can work with you to develop bespoke training to meet your needs. Whether you want help to develop a programme for existing staff or to recruit new talent we are the perfect partner.

Upskilling an existing member of staff? Recruiting new talent?

The Benefits to taking on an Apprentice

In a competitive consumer market, whatever the sector; customer experience has become a crucial part of business strategies. Delivering first-class customer experiences relies on the skills and capabilities of your workforce to build meaningful lasting relationships. Apprenticeships have made a massive impact on delivering outstanding customer experiences and we’re seeing more organisations measure customer experience as a big benefit from Apprenticeship programmes. Embedding culture and customer ethos into programmes to achieve a consistent and powerful approach to customer management is essential. 

Other practical metrics that can be considered for measuring the value or impact of Apprenticeships may include: impact on costs for recruitment, Sickness and absenteeism, impact on productivity, Motivation, Cultural alignment and Community Engagement.

For companies who invest in apprentices:

  • 83% rely on apprenticeship programmes to provide the skilled workers they need for the future
  • 80% report a significant increase in employee retention
  • 57% report apprentices going on to management positions within the company
  • 92% believe it has led to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 59% believe apprentices are more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff, and a similar percentage feel apprenticeships lead to lower overall training costs
  • 41% feel apprentices make a valuable contribution to the business during the training period, and a further 33% believe they add value from day one!

* From data compiled by the National Apprenticeship Service

Apprenticeship Statistics 2018/19

  • Nearly three-quarters of apprentices agreed that their chances of earning a higher wage in future had increased
  • 80% of apprentices agreed that their chances of progressing to a higher level of training had also increased

Employers Also Benefit

  • 78% of employers that hired an apprentice reported improved productivity
  • 65% recognise the new ideas apprentices bring to their organisation
  • 83% would also recommend apprentices to other businesses
  • After completion 90% of apprentices will get a job or go into further training after finishing an apprenticeship 72% will find sustained employment

*Data taken from the Learners and Apprentices Survey (2018)

Working with you to develop bespoke apprenticeship programmes

Last year we launched a new Marine Engineering apprenticeship in response to demand from our customers and students. Despite the Thames Estuary being a thriving hive of maritime activity, there was no specific marine engineering programme in the South East of the country until the college launched its course.

The college is in a prime position to offer the course, with Essex boasting 360 miles of coastline and 95 marinas, bringing the much-needed training to the apprentices’ doorstep.

If you feel there is a gap in the market for an apprenticeship in your sector and you’d like to explore ideas, get in touch.

We have crafted our services to support you: from hiring one apprentice, to large-scale talent development solutions.

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