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My story Juliette and Eloise Cumberland
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship - Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Level 3

Juliette and Eloise Cumberland
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Twins Juliette and Eloise Cumberland attended South Essex College at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in separate years, here is their story.

E. My name is Eloise

J. My name is Juliette

E. We are 20 years old

J. We studied at South Essex College at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

Both. And this is our story

J. My experience at the College was very positive, I learned a lot of confidence throughout my course and the teachers were amazing.

E. My experience at the College was amazing, I learned so many different skills, especially on the Peter Jones course, we learned networking, met with so many different people, faced lots of challenges and it was a really great experience.

J. Since leaving the College, initially I got a job with the company that I did my work experience with while I was on the course. After that I moved on to be an operations administrator at a telecommunications company in London. While I was working in London I began to get sick and I have since been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a genetic condition affecting my joints. My working life has been severely affected by this. At the moment I am unable to work, but with physiotherapy and the help of my doctors I plan to use the skills learned on my course to start my own business.

E. Since leaving College I have been working at David Lloyd Leisure as a sales consultant  for over a year. My job entails meeting new clients, dealing with enquiries, touring round the facilities and getting people to join the club. What I learned at College has helped me in the world of work as it has given me lots of different skills especially at the Peter Jones Academy where I learned networking, being able to confidently meet with new people and sell products to them and making them believe in you.

J. My advice to anyone thinking about taking a business course would be that is an extremely good thing for your career and your future. It looks amazing on your CV and the Peter Jones Academy is a really good talking point with future employers.

E. I would recommend the College to anyone thinking of taking up business, It’s really given me the skills to go and work for an employer, to help them create more business and as my sister said, on your CV it is a great conversation starter. At an interview or even just flicking through your CV, to see the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy really does help. We have come back to the College to meet with some current students. We did a presentation and told them about our journey and mentored them through a challenge.

J. My ambitions for the future are to start my own business by using what I learned on the course so that I can manage my illness while working. I would like to run a beauty business selling products and potentially develop products in the future with my sister.

E. I believe we will go in to business as a partnership. At the moment I work in sales, so this is something I could maybe progress with, maybe become a sales manager or progressing through other businesses, but hopefully I the future we will work together.

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We’re delighted to be shortlisted for @tesfenews #Marketing/#Communications Campaign of the Year Award! #tesFEawards

My story Jon Warton
Carpentry and Joinery Level 3

Jon Warton

My name is Jon Warton, I am 31 years old and I studied Carpentry and Joinery at South Essex College from 2001 until 2003 and this is my story.

I achieved an NVQ 1, 2 and 3 in Carpentry and Joinery. I believe the perfect college course is a combination of onsite facilities, location and tuition quality. South Essex College ticked all these boxes for me, plus they offered courses that suited my ambition and goals.

At school I was not a high achiever and I was an uninspired student. However, I was passionate about my hobbies such as carpentry and joinery. I knew carpentry and joinery is the career path I wanted, but did fear my school grades would prevent me from achieving it. When I left school I decided to pursue my dream, first starting an apprenticeship at Stiltland Joinery in Wickford, Essex. This is when I first began studying for my NVQ level 1, 2 and 3 at South Essex College. During my training I learnt many carpentry and joinery skills. The practical skills I learnt at South Essex College, combined with my apprenticeship at Stiltland Joinery, made me a competent tradesman.

After completing my NVQ course at South Essex College, I used my newly found skills to take part in special commercial projects. Some of these projects were to install reception desks in theatres, casinos and pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. I also installed the seating area inside the London eye pods. I have worked for many carpentry and joinery firms and throughout the years I have gained many skills in constructing, erecting, installing, maintaining and repairing fixtures on commercial and residential buildings.

My greatest joy has been working with the public and love contributing to the design process. Having gained extensive experience, I decided to open my own business called
Warton Woodworks ( This business offers home improvement and carpentry services. I also created a DIY blog on my website which offers free construction DIY tips. I also construct bespoke oak furniture which I sell to the public in my spare time. Operating a business takes hard work and dedication. However, getting to that stage requires knowledge, inspiration and guidance. I believe my training at South Essex College gave me the drive and ambition to become a highly skilled carpenter, and to start my own business. It made me a determined individual with a positive and flexible attitude to assuming new roles and responsibilities.

Further education such as NVQ’s force you to problem solve and innovate. These are qualities that are needed in everyday life as a tradesman. I believe these types of courses improve your social skills and ability to solve complex problems. This change of thinking is what I believe is great about further education.
My qualifications prove I have gone through a strict training program. This is highly valuable when operating a business. Customers need to know if the tradesmen they are hiring have the necessary qualifications.

The equipment at South Essex College was very modern, reliable and user friendly. South Essex College has a fantastic reputation, and for good reasons. The College offers many types of courses and facilities. It is also located in an excellent place, near transport links, shops and restaurants. However, the tutors are the main reason to recommend this college. They are passionate and inspirational, this is what I believe students desire most. 15 years ago I finished school with poor qualifications. I now own my own carpentry business, reaching out to customers in Essex and London. I am also qualified in my chosen trade. My biggest achievement is self-transformation. Everybody has the potential to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

I plan to carry on learning from people. I now believe no dream is too big to achieve. All you need is drive, determination and the correct knowledge to succeed. I aspire to carry on giving 100% effort to any task I undertake and be self-disciplined in my work. My time at College helped me develop excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, allowing me to relay necessary information in an articulate and efficient manner. Working in a disciplined environment has developed my analytical skills and ability to handle multiple tasks with constantly changing priorities. I have used my educational and working experience to inspire others to attain their own personnel goals.

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