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@laurabibby212 Hi Laura. First of all congratulations! That won't be a problem, this can be sorted when you come in at the start of term.

My story Scott Rose
Computer Games Development Level 3

Scott Rose
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Hello my name’s Scott I’m 25, I studied Games Design at South Essex College and this is my story.

My background is in design. I worked a lot doing web design, IT and I had a keen interest in designing levels for video games such as Half Life and Counterstrike which got me into architectural scale, architectural design and the construction of various shapes. I thought I would do a course that included both my interests so I ended up doing games design.

I very much enjoyed my time at the College, I had a superb set of tutors and we went to Japan. I learnt a lot of skills which I have now transferred such as the ins and outs of all the Adobe packages. I learnt 3DMax and various programmes that I wouldn’t have had access to unless I had been to the College.

Since College I have worked in various sectors doing a bit of freelance design, web design, and a plethora of videography but no other jobs resonated with me as much as starting my own business and being my own boss. I now run my own company with my business partner George, called Hide and Shriek.

We design very bespoke odd and weird attractions. We have found our own little niche and we design and develop to increase footfall within shopping centre and leisure destinations. We have done this for the past year and it has gone from strength to strength and it is all based on using the key skills I developed while I was at College. We offer a range of immersive events catering for mostly trying to scare people and making them pay for the privilege. It is a niche but a lot of people enjoy it. We pride ourselves on providing London-level attractions in the Southend area. I am the creative director of the company and in charge of making sure that the design of projects all run to plan and to budget. I will start from the initial concept of what needs to be created, put it into Illustrator or CAD, draw a mock-up of how we want it to look, and then work out what’s required to then carry on and build.

One of the things I enjoyed most about studying at South Essex College was that the tutors worked so closely with industry and also worked in the industry themselves. For example one my tutors spent 25 years working within that sector so he had a very broad understanding of what was required and the College was constantly updating the programmes to progress with the industry.

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John is an engineering apprentice with Shanks Group and Official South Essex College - check out his story! #apprenticeships

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Reminder: Enrolment starts today, but be sure to check your letter so you come in at the correct day/time for your course!

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@mitchellsmith15 Hi Mitch. Progression letters are being sent out by the teams. I've asked for an update and will let you know asap.

My story Gareth Read
General Engineering HNC
Electrical Installations Level 2 Diploma
Electrical Installations Level 3 Diploma

Gareth Read
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Hi, my name’s Gareth and I have just spent four years studying engineering at South Essex College and this is my story.

I was a print finishing operator in a factory, and had been in similar roles for ten years. It wasn’t really taking me anywhere so, as I was quite mechanically-minded, I was looking for a role that was more challenging and varied. I realised that the best way to do it would be to go back to college and gain another qualification.

I really enjoyed my time at the College, the staff have always been excellent and I have had really good support. The facilities and equipment are fantastic and are backed up with experienced and knowledgeable staff from industry to enable us to get the best out of our studies and to apply what we are learning to use out in industry.

I moved on to the HNC in General Engineering and over those two years also took on both the Level 2 and 3 City & Guilds in Electrical Installation.

The first year of my BTEC Level 3 I was still working as a machine operator, taking my day releases as unpaid leave and having to make my hours up which just added pressure, but I was fortunate in that towards the end of my first year I got myself into an engineering role with quite a big company.

Now I work as a print finishing engineer. I’ve moved from operating machines to breakdowns, maintenance and operator training. My career potential has opened up massively. In the last 16 months I have travelled abroad with work having never been abroad beforehand –  I didn’t even have a passport. Four years ago I was working in a factory and on Sunday I fly out to Japan to train on a new machine.

I would absolutely encourage people to return to education. If you have taken a break from education to go into a job, if you are not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life it is never too late to make a change. I was 32 when I enrolled  to go back to College and I’m aspiring to my Batchelor’s Degree and I will probably be 45 by then, but it is never too late.

My ambition is to do my HND and work towards getting my Batchelor’s Degree, maybe even a Masters. It just comes down to how far I am prepared to push myself. The thing that I have found the most inspirational is the passion of the staff who have really engaged. I have been very fortune in having excellent teachers who have really made me want to know more and push myself and excel. It has been a huge thing for me, I never would have thought when I was 16 leaving school that I would be here, now at this stage as a distinction-level student. The motivation that I have got from the staff has been a massive factor for me.