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Well done to former student Che Chesterman, a well deserved place in the X-Factor final 5. Tense stuff though!

My story Che Chesterman
BTEC Music Performance Level 3 Extended Diploma

Che Chesterman
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Hello, my name’s Che Chesterman, I’m 19, I studied Music Performance at South Essex College and this is my story.

When I was thinking of going to college I didn’t really know where to go or what to do. Having weighed up my options South Essex College just seemed like the best for me.  When I had my audition for Music Performance it just felt right, it was so warm and the teachers were lovely and it felt like the right decision.

I had a fantastic experience at the College, the teachers were amazing and it was so much more than I thought it would be. Everything I wanted to do I was doing at the College - things like gigs - and it set me up for what I am doing now. I think that if I hadn’t have taken that course I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now.

Since I left the College I have been doing a lot of singing which is what I was doing at the College and what the teachers were helping me with. I have been gigging a lot which I absolutely love. Since I left College I have had so many gigs and I think that the gigs that I did while I was at the College have helped me so much to be confident with crowds and stuff.

I auditioned for the X-Factor back in July and it was a weird experience for me because I wasn’t sure whether I was going to do it or not. In the end I decided to do it and I went to Wembley Arena. I sung Who You Are by Jessie J and I got four yeses from the judges which was amazing, It just fills you with confidence. I went on to Boot Camp and there waere two stages which I got through. It is now at the Six Chair Challenge which is where I am at and it so far it has been an amazing experience. The first time I ever gigged was with this College, the first time ever performed in front of a crowd was with this College, and without the help of this College I don’t think I would have been able to step at Wembley and sing in front of thousands of people.

I think every aspect of me as a musician has improved since being at the College. At the start there was a lot that I couldn’t do that I can now do for instance the high notes that I do come from the College. The performance and how you perform on stage, how you act on stage, being professional, what to say, what not to say, the College and the teachers do everything to help you and do so much more than they should do because they do care about students and I think that that is the most important thing.

I want to be making records, I want to be selling albums, it’s every singers’ dream. But the dream is just to earn a living out of singing, I think that is the ultimate thing. If I’m not making records or selling albums as long as I’m gigging around enough to make a living out of it, that’s the big dream for me.

My story Joe Mander
UAL TV, Film & VFX Production Level 3 Extended Diploma

Joe Mander
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Hello My name is Joe Mander, I am 18, I studied Television and Film Production and this is my story.

Before I went to College I was studying at school, particularly media studies which prompted me to go on to South Essex College to study TV and Film Production. I chose South Essex because the facilities were so much better. Looking at the other colleges they didn’t have has the up-to date equipment that South Essex College has.

My experience at the College was really good, the teaching in particular stood out because all the teachers know what they are talking about. Their industry experience really helps them to teach.

I am currently an apprentice at ITN, one of eight out of 850 that applied. My role here completely varies day-to-day, sometimes I’m doing journalism work, sometimes I’m doing studio work but whatever I’m doing the work contributes to national programmes that goes out to millions of people each week.

I am currently working in studios, which involves me learning with the floor manager, the director and sound and lighting departments. I see what they do and put my knowledge to use by doing their jobs as well.

I definitely think that my time at South Essex College prepared me for what I am doing now, What I learnt there is a massive plus point for working at ITN.

My greatest achievement so far is setting up a local history website,, which I set up in 2011. Within a year of running it, It was named the  best national community archive, which considering I was 14 at the time was a real achievement. Since then we have been involved in campaign launches in parliament, we have met many people in the history sector including people from the government’s national archives and it’s just been great for learning and showcasing what we can do.

My ambition is to stay on at ITN and be hired as a field cameraman here because I like the idea of traveling and meeting new people every day.

If someone was thinking about which college to go to, I would definitely say South Essex College for this course. I think the facilities and teaching that is provided in Film and TV Production is just the best that you can get and it is actual real knowledge that is going to help you in a career rather than something that isn’t useful.

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