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Welcome to South Essex College of Further and Higher Education. Our vision is an ambitious one: we aim to provide outstanding education and skills training across our campuses in Basildon, Southend and Thurrock.

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My story Sally Christian
Business Studies BA (Hons)

Sally Christian

Sally Christian >

Business Studies BA (Hons)

My name is Sally Christian, I am 27 and in the second year of my Business Studies degree at South Essex College. This is my story.

I currently live in the accommodation halls at Southend but my home is Salisbury in Wiltshire. The accommodation here is good. I chose South Essex College because it had lower tuition fees and I had a good experience at the College before so I knew I would get the most out of my degree.

In December my lecturer, Bruce Neagus asked if I would be interested in doing an internship at the European Commission in Brussels and I said yes. The internship involves organising a two-day conference event and means I will be travelling to Brussels a few times over the next couple of months.
My most recent trip saw me visiting the project offices where they explained what I was going to do. The next day I visited the European Parliament and saw where the conference is to take place.

The internship and studies will prepare me for work in the future because they give me experience in the field that I may go in to. The European Commission affects all European business so knowledge of it is very useful. My studies have also given me skills in time management, report writing and showed me all aspects of the business world. My tutors have been very supportive and will help me with any issues by giving me as much help as they can without actually giving me the answers.

My ambition is to use my degree to become successful in business. If I was to talk to someone who was thinking about doing higher education I would say that yes, there are concerns about getting in to debt, but from my experience it’s worth it because not only do you get the experience of going to university, but employers are going to look at you and say: “OK you have actually thought about what you want to do and not just fallen in to it.”

2 weeks 6 days ago

Powerful anti bullying campaign from @stonewalluk #NoBystanders

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Job well done! Thanks to all the students from @SouthEssexColl @CCSkills @HighHousePP #creativenationUK

My story Yousef Nabi
Business Studies BA (Hons)

Yousef Nabi
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My name is Yousef Nabi, I am 24, live in Thorpe Bay and did A BA (Hons) in Business Studies at South Essex College.

I was born and bred in Southend and after my A-Levels I wanted to go on to do motor sport engineering. That didn’t work out as I preferred business so I transferred to the College. Within the first month of my degree I got married and within two years I became a father.

At the beginning I found studying quite difficult due to the gap in time that I had been out of education and also I had so many commitments at home. The tutors were aware of my situation and really helped me through it. Since completing my course I have joined the Student Union where I am the Sabbatical Officer. This is a full-time job and I am also doing a PGCE to become a teacher.

My job involves being a go-between for the students and staff. My course taught me about event management, budgeting and marketing, all of which I use in my job. The tutorials helped me understand interview techniques and the value of networking.

The good things about doing higher education are the graduation and how proud you feel when you put on that hat. You also make lots of good friends and build up great relationships with the staff along the way.
My ambition is to finish my PGCE and become a teacher, hopefully to rise in the world of education.

3 weeks 2 days ago

Our Hospitality & Catering students have been busy at Southend campus collecting thumb prints to create this amazing canvas in support of the British Heart Foundation's Wear It Beat It campaign. Well done everyone it looks awesome!

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The conference stage is back! @CCSkills @HighHousePP @SouthEssexColl #creativenationUK

My story Ted Smith
Sport and Exercise Sciences Level 3 Diploma

Ted Smith
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Hello my name is Ted Smith, I am 18 and I did a BTEC in Sport at South Essex College from 2012-2014.

I am now playing for Southend United Football Club as a goalkeeper and I have also played for the England under 19 side.

Going to South Essex College really helped a lot. The course taught you about things like injuries which has helped me as a player because you can assess your own injuries. Doing the coaching part of the course was great too because it can help you move on when your football career is finished.

The relationship between the club and the College is really good. The boys come over to the club a lot and quite a few of us went to the College.

I started off playing Sunday League when I was very young because I loved kicking a ball about and it all went from there really. My career is going well. I am training day-in-day-out with good players who have been there and done it like Paul Smith who has been in the Premiership and young players who are on the way up.

I am fortunate enough to have been able to represent my country and hopefully there will be more chances to come.

My ambition is to debut for the first team here at SUFC this year and in the future It would be great to represent my country at a senior level and play in the Premier and Champions League.
My time at South Essex College has definitely helped with my career, just mixing with the boys means that you get to know your team much better and the tutors get you over any difficulties.

2 days 11 hours ago

#TheOneShow #BBC @BBCtrending #TheDress @JoeyBevan @romanoriginals great clothes! Loved modelling them last week #BasFash & @SouthEssexColl

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The Sunday Times Social Affairs Editor, Nicholas Hellen is coming to talk to our journalism students – Mon 23 Feb #journalism