We offer a wide range of adult courses that are designed to suit your needs if you are returning to study. You can choose from apprenticeships, degree courses, short leisure courses and training to get you back into employment. With full-time, part-time and work-based options on offer you are guaranteed to find the course for you.

Please note: course fees on the website are only a guide. Due to changes in government funding throughout the year, please contact us for the very latest information.

The latest for adults

2 weeks 2 days ago

Love studying psychology and sociology A-levels? Why not make the next step our BSc (Hons) degree #HE

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#HE students - follow our new university accounts for the latest news and views! @UniSouthend and @UniThurrock #Southend #Thurrock #follow

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It's student night at Lakeside on Wednesday 29 April!

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Brand new university account - @SouthEssexColl higher education section for #Thurrock @UniThurrock follow us now! #myfirstTweet

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Hello Twitter! New @southessexcoll university account - follow here for your latest @UniSouthend news and views! #myfirstTweet

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Thinking of higher education? Fancy studying in #Southend or #Thurrock? Watch our new #HE film to learn more