Our logistics partnerships

Apprenticeships at South Essex College put the client in control.

The Logistics Team at South Essex College totally understands the needs of the logistics and supply chain sector and the unique qualities of each operation. This understanding lies at the heart of our success.

Our wide range of clients prove how our response to the diverse needs and challenges we have faced when creating a programme of study provide a solution that works for both businesses and learners.

Our liaison with Tesco has given us invaluable experience in retail logistics - we have a number of learners throughout the UK on LGV Apprenticeship programmes that are now successfully serving the client’s supply chains from DC to store. We have developed an excellent programme that reflects the dynamic operations of their business, whereby learners can attend classroom activity that suits the company’s business model.

Simarco logo

Recently we have developed a programme for freight forwarding on behalf of Simarco. Learners are undertaking the programme pathways that reflect the company’s day-to-day activity at their Essex-based HQ. This apprenticeship programme will help Simarco continue to serve their clients in the face of the UK’s changing trade landscape.

Huntingdon Council have given South Essex College the opportunity to work in the public service domain, whereby we work with their environmental team in North Cambridgeshire. This is a different area of logistics for the team but we are seeing early success with the council by growing their driver fleet which will enable them to serve the residents of Huntingdon more efficiently in the future. We are proud to be able to contribute to this.

We believe the success of an apprenticeship begins before the learner commences their study programme.

We ensure that both the apprenticeship candidate and the client fully understand the programme and what is expected of all of us during the study period. Having this early understanding is great preparation for future success of all our learners.

We also believe in transparency. Each client has independent access to all their apprentices' work and study activity throughout the programme and can therefore see how their apprentices are progressing on their respective programmes.

Join the ever-expanding band of successful clients who are growing their business through the apprenticeship programmes here at South Essex College – we can help create a bright future for your business.

 If you have any workforce needs and would like to explore working with our dedicated team then contact logisticsteam@southessex.ac.uk, follow us on twitter or call 01375 362683 or 01375 362636.