South Essex College logistics - the driving force in Essex

South Essex College has worked in partnership with RH Commercial Vehicles Ltd to construct two branded LGV lorries which will support students and the local community to enter a career in logistics. 

The two branded lorries will be used to train LGV drivers from all walks of life, such as students on LGV apprenticeship programmes, those who are unemployed, or anyone who wants a change of career.

The college has purchased two Renault Class 1 and 2 lorries which have a Euro 6 engine, the lowest emissions available. They include an additional seat in the cab for two learner drivers to be in the lorry with their instructor.

They also come with four cameras situated on the left of the vehicle and an additional window in the nearside door which enhances the view of the learner driver. This requirement allows them to be used to deliver training in London.

Andy Cross, Sales Executive at RH Commercials Vehicles Ltd, said: “I have had the pleasure of working with many members of the team at South Essex College and with third party suppliers to make sure the lorries meet the specifications.”

“With the national current shortage of drivers, these vehicles will impact, introduce and increase the number of qualified drivers into the logistics and transport industry.”

Mark Bentley, Operations Director of Logistics, said: “Moving into LGV driver training is a significant step in the development of our logistics provision here at South Essex College.

“The logistics department will not only support individual learners but will also help local logistics businesses grow their operation in the future."
South Essex College has a strong logistics department which works both locally and nationally with adult learners on driving courses but also on logistics apprenticeships.

Jayne Sheehan, Vice Principal Curriculum for Growth and Performance, said: “We are delighted to be able to continue to offer high quality training opportunities to support the local need whether this is through driver training courses or apprenticeships. 

“The purchase of these lorries will help the college to offer this and we are keen to work with local companies and the DWP to help alleviate the current shortage that is being felt by the logistics industry.”

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