Student Letter Request

Please fill in this form carefully. If you do not provide all the requested information it could lead to a delay in your letter being processed.

If you require a letter from the College to extend your Visa or support your Visa application, you need to provide us with the following evidence to support your request:

  • Completed Fee Status Questionnaire
  • Certified Copy* of Passport
  • Certified Copy* of Qualifications

*A certified copy is a copy (which can be a photocopy) of a document in its entirety (everything within a staple) that is sworn to be a true copy by a court clerk or solicitor. If the staple is removed then the copy loses its certified status. At our discretion we will randomly verify certified documentation.

Please bring your evidence in person to Luker Road, Reception. If you have your originals and wish the Registry team to verify/copy them please ask Reception to call one of our team to Reception to do so.

If you require further information, please contact Registry, Database Team on 01702 220 400 or email us on

Please note this letter will take at least 5 working days.

Complete this section if you have moved since enrolment