New free bus service for Stephenson Road students

We are pleased to announce that the free mini bus service for students from Pitsea train station to Stephenson Road campus will be reinstated.

We had previously made the difficult decision to disband the mini bus service because we did not feel that we could operate this whilst observing social distancing guidance.

However we have now confirmed our return to college plans based on government guidance which includes staggered start times and more remote learning for some students. We will be running additional buses to support this change and the staggered day also means that cleaning and sanitisation of the buses will be possible throughout the day.

We are targeting a start date of 7 September and are currently working on service timetables. Once this information is available, it will be circulated.

To assist with social distancing measures, students must provide and wear their own face coverings when using this service, which is in line with current government guidelines for users of public transport in England.

Because of the extended college day, we will only be able to run a service to and from Pitsea train station at this time and not Rayleigh as we have previously offered.

We will be constantly reviewing this including options to reinstate the Rayleigh service.

We made the decision to run this service from Pitsea as historical use of the service shows more students used this than the service to/from Rayleigh. Pitsea is also further from Stephenson Road campus.

We understand that the disbanding of the service caused some concern to students and applicants. Our number one priority is, and always will be, the safety of our students. This is why we made the decision to withdraw the service until we were satisfied we could run the provision as safely as possible.