COVID-19 update for employers

Dear partner,

The following is a short update on the college’s response to the current COVID 19 crisis.

The College will remain open and all academic lessons will continue to take place until such time we are advised by Public Health England (PHE) to close on a national basis or should we have any confirmed cases on any of our campuses. At present there are no CONFIRMED cases at any college campuses.


  • On-site visits will continue to be planned with you unless the college are advised that these should be stopped in line with PHE guidelines

  • If your business guidance is to stop apprenticeship planned visits, please advise us so we can planhow we will minimise disruption to your learner’s progress. Each situation will be addressedindividually to ensure the correct course of action is in place

  • The college is implementing measures to ensure that any non-attendance due to COVID-19 related action is not detrimental to their records

  • Please continue to advise us regarding your own business policy so we can plan accordingly for both apprentices and staff

  • Should you have an apprentice who is presenting with symptoms or is confirmed as COVID 19 positive, you must follow the PHE guidelines and inform us immediately so that we can ensure appropriate actions are completed

  • Any situation where an apprentice is unable to attend due to current situation, we will be setting alternative activity such as online learning, revision activity or set tasks where this is possible

  • The Education & Skills Funding Agency have provided guidelines to enable us to apply planned breaks if it is perceived to be the most appropriate course of action to minimise disruption to learning and funding.

    On site visits – South Essex College Assessors

  • The college are following all guidelines published by PHE and currently operating a business as usual approach unless your company policy suggests otherwise.

  • Apprenticeship on-site visits will continue to take place as planned unless there is a request by an employer or if it as advised by Public Health England

  • If employers confirm that on site visits cannot take place an alternative arrangement will be made wherever this is possible

  • Any remote activity to be carried out by an assessor should be conducted from a college campus not from home unless advised otherwise.

    Curriculum attendance

  • Curriculum delivery will take place as normal following the guidelines laid out by PHE

  • If your business guidance is to stop you apprentices from attending college you must advise us immediately so we know not to expect your apprentice on campus and can mark them appropriately on the register.

    The college will be reviewing curriculum content and will provide your apprentices with any appropriate learning materials through there E-Portfolio or alternative arrangements should they be required if the situation is ongoing.

    South Essex College will continue to evaluate the situation and ensure that any missed content or activity is planned to be completed at a later date. Any changes that are required to timetables as a result of this will be advised to apprentices and employers as necessary.

If learners are due to sit their EPA please contact you assessor to be advised of the current situation regarding this event and any changes that may need to be applied.

Please contact if you have any specific queries. Thank you for your co-operation.

Jo Giles
Director of Apprenticeship & Workforce