Ben Cirne

Ben Cirne

Ben Cirne

My name is Ben Cirne, I am 22 and I did a BSC (hons) in Sports Studies at South Essex College from 2012-2014.

My original ambition was to leave College and become a teacher specialising in physical education.

I am now head of performance analysis at Southend United football club. The job entails recording all the games, take footage of our players and the opposition team and basically break down all the statistics and data from the game. For example I look at how the opposition attack and where they attack from, I look at how many shots, interceptions and tackles happen in the game and break it down from a scientific point of view.

Doing the degree has massively helped me with my career. Without it I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. The work placement I did at SUFC was advertised at the College. The tutors put me on to it and really helped me through it (especially the last year when it was tough to balance college work and my job).

Doing a degree in Sports Studies doesn’t just narrow you to football as it is an overall sports degree so you can go for any job or sport that interests you.

I would definitely recommend doing this degree if you want to make sport your career.

My short-term ambition is to get my job at SUFC under control, I want to get used to the system and improve things here. I would like to hopefully get the youth team to category 2 status, but my long-term ambition is to get to the top of what I am doing and to work in the premier league At the moment I am more than happy with my job here and doing the degree has made it happen.